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  1. 1 Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not 2 The Zutons - Tired Of Hanging Around 3 Feeder - The Singles 4 Dirty Pretty Things - Waterloo To Anywhere 5 Killers - Hot Fuss
  2. davidg


    Hit the refresh button.
  3. Why does it always rain on me - Travis On XFM
  4. davidg

    Top 5 Shags

    Been told that by a few females too.
  5. davidg


    Just sent an add request bud,you're right it's great advertising for bands and porn.
  6. davidg

    Top 5 Shags

    1 Right hand 2 Left hand
  7. At least she left you the curtains to wipe yer nob on.
  8. Fuxake, don't your specs work??? Are you listening to all them at once???? This aint a top 5 thread
  9. Even though only 1 is out yet
  10. It's a top 5 thread ya specy fud, not top 2.
  11. davidg

    B&w Army Site

    My boss was off work today and I couldn't even get on the site
  12. Not quite warm enough but what's your top 5 food items for the barbeque? 1 - Burger 2 - Chicken Wings 3 - Sirloin Seak 4 - Chicken Tikka Bites 5 - Sausages Not sure how many others there are to choose from
  13. davidg

    Top 5

    1 - It's raining, ma hair's gonny go frizzy 2 - Are you on that black and white army again 3 - These seats are dirty (when she goes to Love Street) 4 - Did you not hoover today 5 - I told you to get my drink in a tall glass
  14. No ,you and specs created it in your minds.
  15. Ocean Colour Scene's new album - Live at the Jam House.
  16. davidg


    Yes added it just there. Cheers.
  17. davidg


    Fancy adding me to your list? Clicky
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