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  1. davidg


    Any forum users got a Myspace profile?
  2. Wouldn't like to mess with her, she'd kick the sh*t out of me.
  3. No 1 should be, Take some paracetamol for your headache
  4. 1 That 70's show 2 Lost 3 24 4 The OC 5 Hollyoaks
  5. 1 Bigger Crowds 2 Outsinging the Old Firm at their sh1t-holes 3 Going Saints on Fifa 4 Getting to shout abuse at Hartley and Tokely 5 Being 2 divisions above M*rt*n?
  6. She would be wild right enough
  7. Jessica Alba would be my number 1
  8. davidg

    Help Me Out Please!

    On a roof or wall.
  9. 1 - Getting home 2 - Falling on your @rse loads of times 3 - Dropping chips'n'cheese all over the living room floor 4 - Wiping yer nob on the curtains 5 - Singing all the way home
  10. I listen to it all day in work, day off today and it's just strange for me to turn it on at that time of day. Now listening to Tupac - Hit em up.
  11. Turn on the radio for the first time today and that prince song - 2000, party like it's 1999 is on.
  12. Boy racers outside my flat revving the engine in their banger of a sierra cosworth over and over and over again Feckin ages since i've seen one of those cars.
  13. davidg

    Top 5

    1 - Del Boy........legend 2 - Adam Sandler- 2 of my fav movies- wedding singer & Happy Gilmore 3 - Owen Wilson.....quality in all his movies 4 - Ben Stiller........same as above 5 - Al Bundy.........great attitude to life.
  14. davidg


    This it by any chance? Just kidding Hollz. Is the file from your pc or is it online? When I've been changing avatar if the file is a large one it wont let me upload from the pc, for some reason it only lets me upload if it has an internet link. Also some online images have caused me problems.
  15. Go and do your homework deego.
  16. Is that 4 out your 5???????????????????????????? I don't like Pizza or Kebabs, love curries but make a mess of the carpet when your pished. Pot Noodles would be my no 6.
  17. 1 - Chicken pakora 2 - Chips'n'cheese 3 - Hot Dog 4 - Salt & Vinigar Pringles 5 - Veg pakora
  18. Just a shame it wasn't Alan Main or James Grady, that wouldn't be too boring.
  19. You might have already seen this game but here it is anyway. Clicky
  20. Decent site, well done.
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