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  1. National Indoor Arena? Sorry too slow.
  2. 1 Nou Camp 2 Raymond James Stadium 3 Old Trafford 4 St. James Park 5 Dolphins Stadium
  3. Just got a new phone 2 weeks ago from the carphone warehouse
  4. That's what you pay the insurance for Hollz, did they give you a brand new one or a refurbished one?
  5. 1 Jessica Alba calendar 2 Psp 3 I pod 4 New snooker cue 5 The new Pro ev game
  6. 1. Watch St. Mirren 2. Go to the pub 3. Pro Evolution Soccer on the ps2 4. Waste your money in the bookies 5. Play snooker
  7. davidg


    Who gives a f*ck, you're the one that kept it going and told him to feel free to pm you.
  8. 1 Peroni 2 Tiger Beer 3 Bud 4 Corona 5 Cobra
  9. davidg

    Top Five

    Ocean Colour Scene.
  10. davidg

    Iq Test

    That's what they told me too
  11. davidg

    Iq Test

    Online IQ Test, I scored 127 Give it a go. Clicky
  12. Got my plate this morning BVB, you got yours yet?
  13. davidg

    Green Day Live

    Would love to see them play a big open air gig in scotland, top band.
  14. Back down to 17th 1 place above the drop zone!!!
  15. Did you pay the extra 5 or 6 pounds to get it sent quicker? I didn't, £5 delivery was enough to pay without extras. Looks like i'll be waiting a while too
  16. I just got D15 MFC from the DVLA, used your site BVB to design it. Clicky
  17. Just got one for my car (none of the ones below), there are so many out there that would be worth a fortune. What would your choices be? (new or old style) 1 S41 NTS 2 D1 PUT 3 DG 1 4 L4 URA 5 W4 NKS
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