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  1. The sheep are 1st now, saints are second 150,000 behind.
  2. New season started in div 2. Saints are second, airdrie are top. Get playing mon the saints
  3. Thank f*ck Suttons girfriend is from Cardonald, that's why he signed for us. He's also doing a uni course up here, does anybody know more about that and if that will upset his training commitments?
  4. Gus has already said that the deadline means feck all to 1st division clubs because most of our signings are free agents and the 2 wild cards.
  5. F*cking amazing, well done Gus and SG. just shows you, KEEP THE FAITH. Gus knows what he's doing, Prunty or Sutton? We got the right man.
  6. Still top, Nazi boys are making a charge though.
  7. 1. Still Game. 2. Chewin the Fat 3. Naked Video 4. Only an Excuse 5. Rab C Nesbit
  8. davidg


    Is it like p&b or just a forum for national team stuff? Don't want to talk to loads of bigots.
  9. 1 The Corries - Flower of Scotland 2 Deacon Blue - Dignity 3 Runrig - Loch Lomond 4 Proclaimers - 500 Miles 5 Travis - Why Does It Always Rain On Me
  10. 1 Ocean colour scene-Marching Already 2 Linkin Park (Jay-Z)-Collision Course 3 Kaiser Chiefs-Employment 4 Bloc Party-Silent Alarm 5 Killers-Hot Fuss
  11. Was he let go or did he want to go? I find it a little strange if he was let go, part time wages would have allowed us to have a good quality player at a fraction of the wage cost.
  12. Good post captain Ya 2 faced b*stard
  13. Today showed that our signing priority must be an attacking midfielder, not a striker. I don't think Michael Owen could score goals for us just now. And the boo boys can F*CK OFF. 15 mins to go and a poor forward pass is followed by loads of boo's. Don't they get it? This aint going to help the team play better. They players heads start to drop when this happens.
  14. 1. Sausage Roll 2. Red Thai Chicken Sandwich 3. Strawberry Tarts 4. Scotch Pie 5. Mexican Chicken Oval Bite
  15. 1. Feeder-Comfort in Soul 2. Damien Rice-O 3. David Gray-White Ladder 4. Robbie Williams- I've Been Expecting You 5. Red Hot Chili Peppers-By the Way
  16. Dell would be a safe bet. Good value for money
  17. 1= a union jack 2= st.georges cross 3= tri colour 4= celtic top 5= rangers top
  18. Sorry this doesn't help you but I was playing total club manager 2005 today on the ps2 and was playing against ran*ers @ ibrox, there were saltires all over the stadium. I think David Murray should advise all ra*g*rs fans to boycott this game.
  19. it's the stolen one
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