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  1. Here’s the start of the incident. Mo wraps his arm round the near straight arm of Ramos. Not many reports choosing to run with this photo as they would prefer to continue the Ramos witch hunt.
  2. Unfortunate incident but Salah started it by hooking his arm round the arm of Ramos. Gutted for him, hope he makes the World Cup.
  3. To be honest, betting more with my heart than my head. Love the city and try to take in 1 Real La Liga game a season. Bale from outside the box was the only bet that jumped out at me with real value.
  4. Tonight I had.... correct score 3-1 @ 14/1 Madrid to win in 90 minutes @5/4 Bale to score from outside the box @16/1 Hala Madrid
  5. Wish him well in his personal life and thank him for his time and efforts at St Mirren. But now he's a SMB I hope he leads them to a 3rd relegation on the bounce
  6. My friend from Ipswich reckons JR has definitely not been offered the job. He reckons the Chairman is after Lampard or Sherwood. If they turn it down then JR and the Shrewsbury manager will be given more consideration.
  7. All this chat of this being a distraction, a circus etc doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I hope this kind of distraction goes on and on and on, the longer the better. We had it last season, we have it this summer and if we have it next season it means we are still performing well and Jack is still doing a great job. When he leaves, I hope we experience it all over with the next gaffer.
  8. Press reckon Simon Grayson has been approached, 14/1 sounds a good bet.
  9. Sad news indeed. Really nice couple and thoughts are with Karin.
  10. Nonsense. Out of the 4 teams in the promotion playoffs Fulham had the greatest net spend of £2.8m so you can be more than competitive in the Championship with a couple of million pound net spend. Derby County and Villa made a combined profit of over £20m in the transfer market. Mid table mediocrity is Sheffield Wednesday with a poorly managed net spend of almost £14m. Birmingham stayed up on the last day with a net spend of over £11m. Success isn’t defined by net spend.
  11. I’ve no idea if he has or hasn’t yet met with them but my friend in Ipswich is pretty positive he has been in direct contact, made a good impression and is being invited for a second interview. Remember, he doesn’t necessarily need to have been down south to have a first interview. This could easily have been done by Skype or similar. Like I said, I have no idea what’s happened so for or what is planned for next week and am only passing on information given to me from a friend in Ipswich who seems to have a bit of knowledge of the football club.
  12. Could be a number of second interviews though? I’m staying positive (just) for now.
  13. My friend said... “Looks like your manager has a second interview this week at Ipswich. He's made a good impression on Marcus Evans by all accounts and has been told he will have a couple of mill to spend” Sound reasonably promising for Jack, not so good for us. This is if there’s any truth in it.
  14. Word is Jack has been invited back for a second interview next week so he is definitely high up the list of candidates. This was from someone I do business with in the Ipswich area who’s a huge Ipswich fan. Edit- didn’t read before I posted. I see Drew has also posted this so must be a bit of truth in it.
  15. If offered the Ipswich job and he’s happy to relocate then he’d be a complete basket case to turn it down. Solid club, finances are decent, huge fan base, underachieving and huge potential for improvement, owners with a track record of showing patience and a pretty nice corner of England to move to. Hang about here for a couple of season and he could be chasing jobs in the lower division like Lennon and MacPherson
  16. There’s no pricing structure for a 12 year old. What is the alternative for a 12 year old? My nephew is 12, will find out when I go to ticket office to renew his season ticket but it’s a bit of a schoolboy error (no pun intended).
  17. Edit to add. His ability to earn income has actually changed. 13 is the age your kid can start working on a part time basis.
  18. Feel sorry for the 12 year olds out there. Looks like they’re not invited...... Seriously though, great value for money. £450 for my 4 seats is tremendous value. Only thing that could have been a good idea would be to extent the early bird option for another week after the deadline to secure your current seats. This would give new season ticket holders the chance to take up an early bird offer and possibly select a decent seat location that has been freed up.
  19. Hope so. Madrid is one of my favourite cities in the world.
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