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  1. I sent Div a pm years ago and volunteered to help out as I had a fair bit of spare time each day to moderate. I was a young guy with no children who spent a fair bit of time on here so was happy to help. Back then I had NSS and Tom helping Div also, we all pitched in to keep the place tidy but now it’s non existent due to everyone’s personal commitments. I work hard running my business and spare time with my family is far more important than moderating the forum, priorities change. I feel I’ve done my bit and now there’s little point in me having moderation powers any longer. I’m quite happy to continue do what I can when I can but it’s not going to be on a daily basis. New moderators would definitely be good but be prepared to get a bit of stick (and some abusive & threatening PM’s) for every decision you make. Anyone up for the responsibility should drop Div a PM. I’m sure he’d welcome some sensible forum users offering their spare time for the good of the forum. I’m sure most forum users would be grateful for the efforts also. We have a great platform here to talk about our football club and I’m glad to hear Div saying he’s not planning on dropping it.
  2. Interesting read after not receiving one yesterday and the moans that followed.
  3. I agree with most of TC’s post, I would probably keep Eckersly though and possibly let MacKenzie go and hunt another CH to partner big Harry.
  4. Judging by the scenes in The Bankhouse it might be an idea to stick a few quid on Falkirk to win this one
  5. You need to go over your math again. 1600- 430 doesn’t = 700-800. Amazes me to think people genuinely believe that we can cheat attendance figures inside an all ticket stadium with a barcode entry turnstile system.
  6. Anyway, back to the game. Great day, glad we got it done and dusted today. We were the better team but as long as it was 0-0 it was going to be a nervy end to the game. Gary Mac was fantastic, great shift and great to see him back at his best. But McGinn was captain fantastic today. Playing through injury and putting himself about all over the park. When he jockeyed the ball out of play in the last 10 minutes really summed his performance up, what a captain.
  7. Plenty empty seats on family stand towards the main stand, Panda club section. West stand also has pockets of empty seats all over, particularly in W1 and W5. These stands may have been “sold out” but certainly not full.
  8. Then when we're 3-0 up "Hands up for the champions".. Am I the only person who woke up singing Beautiful Sunday this morning? Still whistling it in work just now
  9. The ones who like to be heard, a bit like the yes campaign (I voted yes btw). Convinced they are the majority because they're shouting loudest.
  10. Wonder if the majority will not get their way? Amazes me when this happens.
  11. Seriously? Just vote no FFS. Where’s the shake of the head emoji Div?
  12. Can’t get my head round this emotional blackmail. If all these people don’t approve then they should vote no and that will be that.
  13. I thought the OP was meaning for it to buy new issued shares rather than existing ones. There’s no chance this will happen.
  14. If used for a share purchase the 50k would go straight to GLS or the selling consortium, not to the club and towards buying the 4G pitch.
  15. If it did come down to it the goal difference would be very tight. Should we lose all our games 1-0 and Livy win all their games 1-0 we’d only win the league by 1 goal. But, we’ll win it on Tuesday so no matter.
  16. Just vote no then and no matter what the outcome we should all respect the results.
  17. Great support but we must have had at least that at Fir Park for the 3-2 victory in 2007 ?
  18. I can’t see any reference to this in the constitution, the £2 monthly pot isn’t even mentioned. The constitution does say membership money can be used to achieve the objectives set out. Objective 4.3 - “playing a role helping to achieve a successful St Mirren”.
  19. Nonsense. They have put together a proposal for the members to consider and vote on. If the members vote against it then nothing happens.
  20. The email says the next 9 quarterly spends + £5k that they have just now. 5 nines are 45 + 5 = 50
  21. Get there early, drive past the Ashvale Chippy and stadium on your right. Do a u turn just before you head out of town and park facing the way you came.
  22. This is more what I got involved for to be honest. I would have been happier to increase my subscription if this was the type of thing we were investing in instead of local boys clubs, footballs, t-shirts and music bands.
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