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  1. As I said in another thread; if games are played behind closed doors Buddievision could, or should, provide viewing for ST holders and generate further income by charging non-ST holders to view the game.
  2. Kevin Keegan in the back row 5th from the left☺
  3. Given your concern about cleaning up the forum, maybe when the lockdown is finished you could come over and clean ma hoose too. Looking at your posts, ask your Remora to come with you
  4. TT where is the 'speculation' in my post? I'm asking fellow buddies who they would like to see in the squad.
  5. Last week on BBC Sportsound, our manager said he is in the process of trying to bring in new players. So, what players do our posters here think should be recruited? I would like to see us bring in Mickel Miller of Hamilton, if he is available. I was very impressed with his performances.
  6. None of the keepers mentioned came anywhere near Jimmy Brown😊
  7. But it worked; Gwangju FC who they played, got f**ked.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/live:bbc_radio_scotland_fm Scroll back to hear his initial comments...
  9. Audience wise they were still in the age of segregation.
  10. I took this picture today of part of the old RAI hospital displaying yet again, another example of how our architectural heritage is being left to ruin and possible arson. Hopefully, if any of our Buddie supporting councillors/architectural/planning officials are reading this perhaps they could investigate before its too late.
  11. As much as I would like to see the building restored I doubt very much it will happen and I doubt it was 'listed'.
  12. Doesn't surprise me. For decades now this fine building has been lying derelict and the local authority should be asking themselves why didn't they liaise with the owner in trying to utilise this historic building into something useful. After the fire at the Glasgow School of Art I would have thought a wake-up call should have been taken on by local authorities by examining all historic buildings which may be at risk.
  13. Go back and read my original post. If such 'small print' exists players will have been guided by their agents who scrutinize the contract and if they sign how can the clubs cheat them? I'm not advocating this or that I'm simply postulating the existence of such a clause given the coronavirus situation.
  14. I'll say it again...yes, under normal circumstances. If such clauses exist, and remember, I would imagine that those circumstances would be unprecedented, then players would sign the contract. No one, given coronavirus, would ever anticipate these traumatic events. You are painting a picture of clubs screwing players. That is simply not the case. No one wants this situation and no doubt if this health issue continues then clubs and players would compromise but, at the end of the day you can't expect clubs to continually pay players when they can't afford to. Remember, this is not an internal issue of club vs player, but an external one beyond the control of clubs.
  15. I think you're missing the point. We are talking about CONTRACTS. I'm postulating as to the existence of clauses which may exist. Many clubs couldn't continue to pay wages if gate money stops. It's not a case of clubs 'cheating' their players. Would you be happy for the club to continue to pay a player(s) who has a 3 year contract when there is no revenue coming in. How long would clubs last?
  16. Eh? eh? It's not what I want and its not possibly applicable to St Mirren. The likelihood of 'small print' would be universally applicable throughout the football industry. There will be circumstances whereby clubs would be incapable of paying wages in circumstances where, for example, there is a social upheaval and, as I said, wars etc.
  17. Perhaps in the very small print clubs will have a get-out clause for wars etc.
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