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  1. This season will, hopefully, be a historic one where we reach the top 6 and against all odds, defeated Sevco in their expected deliverance of a treble. That result has proved to be the most glorifying against them in many a year.
  2. When visiting Hawkhead cemetery yesterday, I came across these two headstones of dedicated Saints fans.
  3. One of the worst performances of the season. Certainly, when Erwin came on he made a difference - we got worse. I don't see what Jim sees in him.
  4. We've been here before, get subs on as we're heading for a defeat.
  5. https://www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/homes-and-gardens/scottish-town-named-as-britains-top-property-hotspot-3141014
  6. I was a ballboy at the time he played at Love St. Getting a close-up behind the goals you could see he was forceful and aggressive. Could do with him now.
  7. Tommy White; one of the best centre forwards we've ever had. Scored 20 goals in 35 appearances.
  8. If there is one word to describe tonight's game and that is, 'FRUSTRATION'. I'm afraid Goodwin misread the game at the beginning of the second half and waited much too long in getting the subs on. I felt Connolly should have come on for Erwin and Flynn for MacPherson who hit too many floating balls into the box. Reminiscent of the semi final in seeing changes that should have be made much much earlier. Two points lost instead of one point gained. Jim....oh, never mind.
  9. If Flynn is fit to play then I can't agree with MacPherson playing as first choice. AGAIN, Hamilton are big and strong and MacPherson is too lightweight and not aggressive enough.
  10. McKnight = one of the leading composed players we've ever had.
  11. Weather apart, there was no excuse for the lack of penetration to create efforts on goal. A poor performance against a team easily beatable.
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