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  1. 60s- The Beatles, Beach Boys, The Who, Otis Redding, Velvet Underground 70s- The Clash, The Jam, Joy Divison, The Undertones, SLF 80s- U2, NWA, The Pogues, Halfman Halfbiscuit, The Smiths 90s- Stone Roses, Faith No More, Blur, James, Radiohead 00s- The Killers- music has bored me from the late 80s onwards
  2. I remember it was Saturday night at 8.15 then Starsky and Hutch, Sportscene, Parky then bed.
  3. windae cleaner

    Top Fives

    Uncle Scan. 40 yard first time volley against the bead rattlers in a 4-2 win John Hewlit. Against Falkirk great shot after 30 passes Tony Fitz. Cracking volley from the edge of the box against Dundee Utd in a scottish cup quarter final at Love street. Peter Mackie. Late winner against the **** at Love street. Made great because most of the game we had been leading 1-0 until fat boy McCoist levelled it a min to go. Straight from kick off saints went up the park Mackie went by a couple of **** and put the ball into the net. He was a crap player but this was a great goal. Jimmy Bone. Against the Aberdeen great run from his own half.
  4. The orginal SLF. The Clash. The Jam. The Smiths. Stone Roses.
  5. 1. Tv Stars- The Skids 2. F**k a Mod- The Expolited 3. Higher than the sun- Primal Scream 4. Chance- Big Country 5 Happy when it rains- Jesus and the Mary chain
  6. 1 Hipsway- Hipsway 2 Aztec Camera- High Land Hard Rain 3 Orange Juice- You can t hide your love forever 4 Big Country- The Crossing 5 The Proclaimers- Sunshine on Leith
  7. 1 SLF- Gate 49 2 Angelic Upstarts- Never ad Nothin 3 Joy Division- Atmosphere 4 Dead Kennedys- Chemical Warfare 5 The Clash- White man in hammersmith palais
  8. Vinnie Jones you are having a laugh, he was just a coward that went into tackles that were in his favour. Rarely done the 50-50, usually went over the top to damage players. He could dish it out but could not take it back. The real tough nuts were the ones that got kicked all day and kept coming back for more that takes more courage. George Best Jimmy Johnstone Pele Kenny Dalgeish Maradonna
  9. Dead Kennedys : Fresh fruit for rotten vegetables SLF : Go for it Angelic Upstarts : Two million voices The Clash: The Clash Cockney Rejects: Greatest Hits Vol 1
  10. 1. IAN WRIGHT, Acts like a wee wean when england gets beat. Sits there with a petted lip. GROW UP. 2. BRIAN MOORE: Rugby fud, same as Ian Wright. 3. GAZZA: Just a ned in the public eye. 4. MOTTY: The B.B.C. is meant to serve the whole of the U.K. 5. CLIVE TYLDSLEY: Same as MOTTY.
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