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  1. Called that right. Fair play to Michael Stewart who broke rank and gave us praise. Ricky Foster no doubt booting his telly as his words came out
  2. Well done to the Buds. Looking forward in seeing our 4 breakaway goals in Sportscene and how lucky we are. All the best to Kelty for the rest of the season
  3. Great result against our bogey team. Well done the Buds
  4. An Erwin who knows he's isn't wanted or rated here and only wasting time until his contact runs out
  5. Well we will see Apparently we are interested in him Desperate times create desperate measures
  6. He wouldn't sign for us anyway I can see him at Livingston
  7. Being awkward as him and Goodie have fell out He won't be doing us any favours
  8. .Has anyone got a backbone in that Tory Party The damage he is doing surely there must be someone to say enough is enough
  9. Bit strange someone highlighting stolen property on social media.
  10. Never know Streaking somebody's windaes in the background
  11. Working in Kilmacolm this week They are filming scenes for Shetland about the village
  12. I didn't know he directed one of my favourite films Stir Crazy
  13. Bobby Dee did very well to last as long as he did with us Just an 100% effort no quality and a haircut that belonged in Band Aid
  14. My boy works beside Jamesy He told him that we were the worst fans going He spent his last few games just arguing with fans instead of concentrating on his own game he said I told the boy he is up there as one worst players I saw playing for us But most of that stems from how much Motherwell done us with Lambert
  15. We wish we got those figures you quoted We are an easy touch McGarth who is an international is looking for a pre contract But we will let him go for buttons We missed out big time in the summer I'm still of the opinion there is diamonds in the lower leagues but there seems to be a snobbery about it. What happened to managers having a scout about at games instead of relying on agents memory sticks
  16. A player who is always overlooked Sellick tried to sign him many times but didn't come up with money Looking back that's why his performances tailed off his last couple of seasons Still raging we gifted him to Dundee where he Improved them no end
  17. Cowboy McCormick in midfield Scanlon to supply crosses MacAvennie work rate and goals
  18. Also the Whitehouse and Mortimer fishing programme Excellent feel good and Gazza looking a lot better
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