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  1. Thanks for that bud [emoji106][emoji4]
  2. A few of us coming up from Blackpool for this one including my eldest grandson, who's 9, to his first Saints game...should be quite an eye opener for the lad [emoji4] Usually go by train but taking the car this time. Best place to park chaps?
  3. Mars

    Tam Mcgarry

    A group of us heading back to Blackpool after the Accrington friendly a few years back bumped into Tam and Ian on the train. The only time I've been in their company but very memorable. Fondly recalling the great laugh and sing song on the journey back. Our thoughts are with his family. RIP Tam.
  4. Mars

    David Perkins

    Seen Perkins play at Blackpool. A tough and combative central midfielder. Good at regaining possession and moving the ball forward quickly. Would be a great addition imho.
  5. Mars

    Next St Mirren Manager

    It's Miller time!
  6. Blackpool Saints coming up for this one. Looking forward to Goodwin, Thommo and young Mallan getting us back into winning ways
  7. Great to see Goody clearly enjoying playing the game again. A joy to see. Made up for the guy :-)
  8. Mcausland and Goodwin were outstanding :-)
  9. Mars

    Just Like Ian Scanlon!

    Incredibly similar to Scan's famous goal against Celtic Although IIRC Pat Bonnar kicked it from his hands and Scan's shot went over his head into the top right corner?? Best Saints goal ever IMHO Not a bad effort by the Macc lad either!
  10. Mars

    Next St Mirren Manager

    Gary Teale's Black and White Army :-)
  11. Some posters have questioned our strength in depth. The strength in depth imho have answered their doubters over the last few games! Looking forward to Thommo et all back in the frame...COYS!!