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  1. Anton Ferdinand apparently on trial with a view to a deal
  2. bud72

    Paisley Pubs

    Tried it on Saturday. Wee bit on the pricey side but the food was excellent
  3. Hope it doesn't hit the buffers....
  4. bud72

    John Baird

    I see Baird has signed for the unwashed, down the road in emergency loan. Even more reason to hate him now.
  5. You're right WeeBud. The one I posted was a spare from the final signed by Gus and Andy Millen. It had the embroidery and Co-operative sleeve patches. The one on offer didn't have that.
  6. Hate to say it but that shirt is just a replica and not one worn on the day. Ive got one of the spares and it's totally different.
  7. Kevin Bissett was the referee I remember. His family were on the board. He suffered a brain haemorrhage if I remember correctly and they named a stand after him. Work that one out ????
  8. What happened to the daft wee supporters badges that was publicised to go with the top. That died a death ????
  9. I remember we played Dunfermline in a blue kit in the early 90s. Don't think we ever wore it again. Was around the Matchwinner/Clanford era.
  10. Exactly. School holidays start this week and a lot of folk going on holiday. Surely we can't screw this up again.
  11. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  12. Definitely dugouts there. Bus shelter style. Here's a pic
  13. I remember Steve Mcmahon who was the Blackpool manager saying that he saw this guy try and climb up on top of the dugout only to slide down like a greasy egg [emoji23]
  14. Both of my boys play football for different teams and both wear Joma kits. Can't really complain with the quality, certainly don't seem to snag, which with some of their previous kits, was an issue. Only one of their training tops which was white, seems a bit washed out looking. The rest has been fine.
  15. Well that's the end of St Mirren parking. Gone out of business. Notice up saying they're not longer trading.
  16. I'm sure if you give Tony Fitzpatrick a call, he'll help out with something.
  17. Music was fine but couldn't hear the teams being read out. Very quiet.
  18. Got to say, I like the kits Macron have been putting out. Seem decent enough.
  19. I remember that being mentioned just around the time we moved. If I remember rightly, it was going to be near the area which is fenced off in the car park. They were wanting community groups or volunteers to help maintain it. Take it must have been put on a back burner when Gordon left.
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