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  1. That's the practise me and my family use but thankfully we're seen by another dentist and not the one involved.
  2. My oldest boy was a mascot a couple of years ago but we had to provide the full kit.
  3. There were 2 Wigan fans who turned up. That was it lol
  4. Nothing mentioned about the Stockport game. Think someone is on the wind up again
  5. He's already publicly stated that teams are scared to take him on and rumours that his career was over were false. If he wants to prove doubters wrong, then this is the ideal way.
  6. Think it was Bill Black
  7. Too much hassle in Carlisle, full of wee neds. Would like to go back to Accrington which was a great day out with some good folk and maybe Fleetwood or Blackpool.
  8. Have to agree, think all the shirts have been very good. Better than the Hummel stuff we used to have. Xara was ok. I'll not mention Core....
  9. Craig Gordon was on tv earlier on some coaching course being interviewed. Says his career isn't over and hopes someone will offer him something. Maybe some sort of pay as you play might be an option to see if he is fit
  10. Peter, Can't make Sat's game so I'll give Scott the cash for me and Jack, make sure he doesn't spend it on Magners.
  11. Peu utilisé au Rio Ave, lancien attaquant de Nice est cédé au St Mirren. Après son houleux départ de Nice pour Rio Ave, lété dernier, Esmael Gonçlaves refait ses valises. Lattaquant de 21 ans a été prêté ce mardi au St Mirren qui occupe la 10ème place de la Scottish Premier League. Esmael na disputé que 8 matches aucun but inscrit avec la formation de Vila do Conde, actuelle cinquième de la Liga. That was what he tweeted
  12. Noticed on twitter that a journalist based in Paris has also reported the same story
  13. bud72

    Paisley Pubs

    Heard it was in the region of a 20% rise in rates that Network Rail was looking for. A once busy part of the town now getting quieter.
  14. bud72

    Paisley Pubs

    Hamishes Hoose is moving from Old Sneddon St to the old Hogshead in the High St. Move is happening next month.
  15. Not seen anything reported as yet. No mention on the Scottish news apart from they were still locked in talks.
  16. Fitzy has been interviewed for Sky Sports News Radio. Should be on Wed between 4pm - 7pm
  17. Doesn't seem 2 years. Still very much missed on the Tile bus RIP Derek
  18. Without a doubt. One of the funniest characters on tv right now
  19. I remember Gordon Honeycombe reporting on it on tvam.
  20. Plenty of rugby updates today from row H

  21. Being a member of the Tile, I've known Derek for years. Absolutely shocked at his passing. RIP Derek
  22. Going to be an expensive loop if it's not going to be hardly used. Might be used for express services to overtake stoppers at Hillington and Cardonald. Also might be handy in case of breakdowns. Could run the odd shuttle service to Paisley and back during the rush hour to give more seating.
  23. The extra platform at Glasgow Central will still go ahead as will the 3rd track between Glasgow and Paisley. All funded by Network Rail. Also 40 new trains were ordered by Transport Scotland for the airport, Inverclyde and Ayrshire lines. Don't know how many trains will be going out of Paisley when this happens? You might get a seat at the rush hour.
  24. Just on STV news saying that it is in doubt due to him having second thoughts about moving to Scotland
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