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  1. HSM1 HSM2 Shrek Cars Kill Bill Vol 1
  2. Mother India's Cafe for me - Indian food in tapas sized dishes, as opposed to the bowl of slurry that you get at most places. Personally thought the Rogano was overpriced and living off its reputation, hard to beat Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery.
  3. The Hold Steady - Boys and Girls of America Martha Wainwright - self titled John Cougar Mellencamp - Scarecrow Neil Young - Chrome Dreams II JAmes Grant - Sawdust in my Veins
  4. Martha Wainwright - Bloody Mother F**ckin Asshole
  5. David Mckinney...........I'll get me coat.
  6. Carlitos Way When Harry Met Sally Withnail and I Gregory's Girl Walk the Line
  7. Duke Special Album (can't remember the title) Neil Young - Chrome Dreams II Status Quo- Hello Robert Plant and Alison Krauss album Christy Moore - 81-91
  8. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - MAgic KT Tunstall - PLastic Fantastic Led Zep - Physical Graffitti Crowded House - Time on Earth Tom Waits - Nighthawks at the Diner
  9. Of course ITS GOOD - its Crowded House. Its a slow burner and grows on you - very good, roll on 30 Nov at SECC.
  10. Crowded House - Time on Earth Jethro Tull - Crest of a Knave The The - Dusk Deep Purple - Stormbringer Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism
  11. 1. Lightening McQueen 2. The King 3. Sally 4. Chick 5. Mater
  12. 1. Going Nuclear - Ryan Adams 2. Strange - The Feeling 3. Sentimental Man - Blue Nile 4. Sometimes you can;t make it on your own - U2 5. Peace the F*ck Out - Travis
  13. The pound shops of Argyle St The smell under the Hielamans Umbrella (chip fat and fumes) Junk food junction - formerly Boots corner Neds, Sengas, Burberry wearers and general begging Chuggers on Buchannan St (Charity Muggers - f*ck off and don't annoy me) And finally the annoying twat that keeps putting a traffic cone on top of the statue outside GOMA - the joke isnt funny anymore. Oh and the folk that make the place look filthy by dropping litter everywhere....apart from that a cracking city!
  14. 1 Seinfeld 2 Simpsons 3 Frasier 4 Joey * 5 The Office * * Okay I lied about these two - but struggled to get 5.
  15. 1. Pete f**k*n Docherty -Talentless junkie bastdrd famous for shagging a stick insect of a burd and getting caught with drugs. 2. Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne - never been and has been 3. Ant and Dec - two Geordie feckwits with nae obvious talent 4. Anybody on a reality TV show 5. Russel Brand - check out his hair, enough said.
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