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  1. Thank goodness. It just dawned on me joe was Griff, but nicknames mean little really. P
  2. Surely that's not the same Gordon Urquart who produced SQ?
  3. I was looking to buy a couple of tickets online for this game for my friend, who works in London. They don't yet appear to be for sale online yet. Is this common, or is it a service provider issue?
  4. Got to feel for Greg Tansey. Unfortunately being a footballer,injury is an occupational hazard. Tansey possibly wound up with us because no one else would touch him. That said, I hope it’s not too serious although it does appear to have ended his career though as pointed out it was a pre-existing injury. However, for all professional footballers every game could be your last. All the best Greg Tansey.
  5. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned previously, but apparently st mirren have been granted permission to speak to Goodwin. If that’s the case he is in a very strong position, the season starts in 4 weeks and we have done hee haw prep and we’re not quite desperate ( yet),but he basically has st mirren over a barrel. Could be the best paid manager,with specific clauses re performances. He is possibly, the best (available) candidate. But he knows the club and was held as a hero, quick ego stroke. Come in Jim Goodwin.
  6. Tickets to see Pop will eat itself, supported by the Wonderstuff and Jesus Jones. Cracking gig
  7. Prior to the game last night I would have settled for not getting turned over and a bit of determination and shape. After that what can I say apart from "Thanks Oran, that was fantastic" if that what he can do after a week, we might actually be ok this season (no pun intended). If we can win the big games (Livingston, St Johnstone, Motherwell and Dundee, Kilmarnock) we should survive.
  8. Makella looked decent in his first game caught a bad injury and the rest is history.
  9. Or even Alex Rae who I have mentally unpersonned.
  10. Management is hard at the best of times, made harder by having to do it in public and be judged by 4000 people on the spot. When Jack was appointed, he initially benefitted from not being Tom**y C*aig in the same way that AS is hamstrung by not being Jack Ross. He deserves to be cut a bit of slack until it goes pear shaped. It might go bad or he may be pep Guardiola. We need to wait and see. Give it few monrhs, then assemble a lynch party if necessary. Hopefully we'll be fine. The premier was aLways going to be hard. Patience.
  11. This season could be one where should go to the football out of habit whereas last season was actually enjoyable ( an anomaly). This season will be grinding and very trying. Good luck Alan.
  12. Perhaps I'm in the ,minority here but I'm a touch worried with what Stubbs is doing. I know he has to build a squad to compete in the premier but he's letting some decent players go and replacing them with unknown quantities. I know we have to trust his judgement but it's all starting to look a bit chaotic. They might be brilliant but we still haven't had the chance to see them yet tonight could be interesting. But after last season Ross will be a hard act to follow.
  13. I was just thinking of Greenhill Road. I may be wrong but I think Ralston is a long lease. I think it has had issues but these are addressed and the cash outflow is significantly less than Greenhill Road requires. But I would need to see the numbers to be certain.
  14. The ton results have been an anomaly. Normal service will be resumed. Starting with them on trophy day, last day of the season where a sound thrashing will be dutifully administered at our fortress.
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