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  1. mmmm - wrong as previously confirmed GLS shareholding with the Kibble proposal will be well under 1% under the original deal he would retain 8% therefore he will be selling over 7% more via the new proposal and to quote div many pages ago "he ain't giving them away" So yes he will gain from the proposal as apart from getting his cash early (and I have no real issue with that) he also gains by selling more shares
  2. How can it not be a benefit to get "his capital" returned early and in addition get a little extra on top
  3. So GLS gets cash for his minority 8% shareholding yet the remaining circa 20% of mainly supporter held shares get nothing. I have no agenda against GLS and have not yet decided which way to vote, just pointing out that GLS not only gets his cash earlier than planned but actually gets more.
  4. I've been part of a few boards where I didn't agree with a lot of a BP's content. Funnily enough the major shareholder had the final say and 27% of the shareholding certainly couldn't veto it !!
  5. Div - re the 8% shareholding By selling his shares to Kibble either GLS will actually be receiving more cash that he would be under the current proposal where he is left with the 8% OR He is receiving the same money in total therefore effectively either SMISA or Kibble are paying nothing for them, which begs the question of who gets the "free" shares ? .
  6. As a stakeholder with 27% and two directors on the board who will help to create that business plan and budget I don't really see much to worry about, no. Must say I'm with BEK on this one - the board produce a BP which the Kibble reps don't like they can veto it. That cannot be right and is completely unworkable
  7. I am also struggling to see the benefit of passing part of our expected shareholding to a 3rd party. From my attempts to understand the proposal the summary would be 1 GLS sells some shares early and receives cash early 2 Kibble get a shareholding that was not in original proposals 3 Final SMISA shareholding on completion of buy out will be reduced So how does the proposal benefit St Mirren or SMISA and what do Kibble really get for their cash ?
  8. Breadner definitely looks a player in the making and thought both full backs Grant and Walker played well. Interesting to see that last years centre mids were both playing in central defence. A bit disappointed with contribution from Oan D, doesn't look to me to be ready to take step up to top team.
  9. Eh ? Why do they give 15% discount at all times to saints season ticket holders if they "simply turn their back on Saints to suck up to the ugly sisters" .
  10. That was Max Potter - thought we played better 2nd half after Mackenzie went off, Liam Miller also played well so we have two promising young central defenders who if they progress may be worth looking out for in the future
  11. thanks Munoz, fame at last. great night at the darts in Brighton
  12. May well be ex rangers youth Lewis Muir who we signed in July. He was on the bench last Saturday due to Rogers being ineligible to play against parent club.
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