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  1. My tuppence worth. The sooner Gordon Scott is bought out and we can have a board that is behind the supporters rather than one more concerned with keeping on the good side of their fellow golf club members, the better. He's made a right arse of this. And it's not the first monumental cock up he's presided over.
  2. How are the midfield at fault for the 2nd? Rotten header from Paul McGinn, a defender. Which was typical of his performance over the whole 90 mins.
  3. Doesn't tackle!! Lol. He's the only one that does!! One man midfield.who is constantly targeted by the opposition as they know he's pivotal.
  4. March aye, buy 2020 at the earliest. Time for a bit of stability and to let someone build some foundations.
  5. Yeah, let's apologise to a guy banned from football for calling another player a "golly", because some were a bit cheeky. Should never have been allowed anywhere near the club. As for "done the club a favour".....lol.
  6. Another great result for smart-arse Heaton tonight. Beaten by the mighty Spennymoor Town.
  7. Keepers: Rogers, Lyness Defenders: Eckersley, Baird, Hodson, Ferdinand, P. McGinn, Erhahon, MacKenzie (injured), Kpekawa (dead man walking) Midfielders: Flynn, McGinn, MacPherson (injured), Magennis (injured), King (dead man walking) Forwards: Smith, Jackson, Mullen (injured), Cooke (injured) So 19, with 5 injured (by my count) and 2 totally out the picture. Plus various wee boys! (Muir, Glover, O'Keefe, Breadner, Jamieson)
  8. To me, this is the worrying statistic. Over the last 9 games; 10 points lost after being in a winning position, 0 points gained after being in a losing position.
  9. He's now scored 8 goals in 6 league games against us, if my counting is right!
  10. It's definitely not before his time, trust me!
  11. Looks like we also lost to Airdrie in the cup as well, so a run of both 7 league games and 7 competitive games lost that season. We've lost 6 in a row on 2 occasions since then, we were relegated in both seasons.
  12. There's a difference between loanees at the end of their contracts and under a bit of pressure; and those that know they can go back to the comfort of their parent clubs if things don't go well.
  13. Cause you're lazy, or don't have the resources.
  14. I'e always though he had decent pace. Getting to that age though where it drops I suppose.
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