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  1. Would be good to get his contract extended. Only just turned 30 so a good few years left in him.
  2. How are you working that out? 2 points and we definitely qualify. 1 point and we should still be ok.
  3. Who do you rate as better keepers for us then?
  4. Ah. In my opinion you can't interpret much from goals against Montrose, Forfar, QotS, etc. Obika could well score a barrel load against them on a nice Autumn evening. Watt's league record for the Fakes was 22 starts, 7 subs, 3 goals. Pretty bad.
  5. Where are you seeing that? Looks to me like Watt scored just 3 league goals for the Fakes, and that he's scored just 11 league goals in total over the last 4 years!
  6. We're 6 points better off than we were this time last season. You're right. It took until gameweek 28 for us to get as many points as we have now (gameweek 18).
  7. Popescu has been a massive loss. Dinamo are the 3rd best team in their league since they started playing him in gameweek 7, he's racked up 5 clean sheets already. He would have been a good investment.
  8. These are the worst fullbacks I've seen playing for us in many a year.
  9. Haha, oh yeah. We scored 2 goals over those 2 games. I wonder if it happened before that or if this is just the 2nd time.
  10. You'll be waiting because we've probably never played 2 consecutive games against teams from at least 3 divisions below, before today.
  11. Popescu's straight into Dinamo's starting XI tonight for their 2nd league game after last week's 5 nil defeat.
  12. Thomas Verheydt signed for Almere City FC. A small club with a 3000 capacity stadium who finished 7th in the Dutch second tier last season. They made it into the first round of the promotion play-offs where they lost out to SC Cambuur.
  13. Pumped 5 nil. Maybe they'll play Popescu in the next game after that score.
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