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  1. ScotstounSaint

    Last Night 5th November

    It's definitely not before his time, trust me!
  2. ScotstounSaint

    St. Mirren v The Rangers, 3rd November 2018

    Looks like we also lost to Airdrie in the cup as well, so a run of both 7 league games and 7 competitive games lost that season. We've lost 6 in a row on 2 occasions since then, we were relegated in both seasons.
  3. ScotstounSaint

    Loan Signings

    There's a difference between loanees at the end of their contracts and under a bit of pressure; and those that know they can go back to the comfort of their parent clubs if things don't go well.
  4. ScotstounSaint

    Liam Smith

    Cause you're lazy, or don't have the resources.
  5. I'e always though he had decent pace. Getting to that age though where it drops I suppose.
  6. ScotstounSaint

    Alan's first signings

    Cheers mate. But I will pre-judge whoever I want and welcome whoever I want.
  7. ScotstounSaint

    Alan's first signings

    No, I haven't forgotten that. Not that I think Gullit was correct. I think he mistook boos as being race related. Anyhow, whether he was right or wrong, I dont see the relevance. Are some of our 4000 fans racist? Probably. Same for every club. I'm not getting on King's case from the get go here by the way. I just thought it was odd folk seemed unhappy with his racism towards fellow footballers being mentioned.
  8. ScotstounSaint

    Alan's first signings

    Obviously nothing. But for some of us the club is about more than winning games.
  9. ScotstounSaint

    Alan's first signings

    Eh, that he did it whilst playing football.
  10. ScotstounSaint

    Alan's first signings

    Is the racist thing not to be mentioned then?
  11. ScotstounSaint

    Alan's first signings

    We signed him and this is his background.
  12. ScotstounSaint

    Stadium bar before club buses, ticket question

    Al says you can't get in.
  13. ScotstounSaint

    Where Will We Win League?

    Ooops Sorry No problem. When do you think we'll do it? Dundee Utd away?
  14. ScotstounSaint

    Where Will We Win League?

    Can't win the league at Brechin now (if Livingston lose next 2 games and we beat Brechin) we are 15 ahead with 15 to play for. We can. We would be 15 ahead with 12 to play for.
  15. ScotstounSaint

    Where Will We Win League?

    Still think it will be Brechin as I see Livi drawing their next 2 games.