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  1. I'm starting to wonder why I'm contributing to SMISA every month. Given the chairman can go against 95% of the supporters' wishes and then force a non-disclosure agreement so that 100% of the supporters don't get to find out the truth. I suppose SMISA might eventually remove the possibility of this occurring, but I'm becoming less and less convinced of that.
  2. Remember him. Currently playing against Germany. Trying (and failing) to keep Marco Reus quiet.
  3. So (hypothetically) he shouldn't have gone to America, instead taking a path in life that wasn't his first choice, just so that the club got some money. Honestly, that's what you think people should do with their life choices?
  4. Less than 200 tickets remaining (192) 26 in Main stand 88 in South 78 in West
  5. It does seem to show that our support for a standard league game is about 4000 and it can go up to a max of 6000 for the most vital of games. Cup finals, another 11 or 12 thousand come out the woodwork.
  6. Under 300 tickets left now (289) 39 in Main stand 129 in South 121 in West
  7. Under 500 tickets available now (493 to be exact) 77 in Main stand 208 in South 208 in West Very close to being a record attendance for the stadium.
  8. 639 seats left in the stadium according to the mobile site. 122 in Main stand 249 in South 268 in West
  9. I'm using the mobile site which seems to give different numbers to what you're seeing. Just did a count there, down to 737 [emoji574]
  10. Most ridiculous thread in a good while, and that's saying something.
  11. You strike me as the kind of fan who would have had us playing 2 up front at Tynecastle and Pittodrie...... and then collecting zero points.
  12. It's not about being tired. Its about the effects from playing a game after months out, or playing many in just a few days. That takes a toll, you will have aches, pains and stiffness. Especially if you're not 19 any more.
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