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  1. I do not want JG to go, but I am baffled by his substitutions tonight.

    We should have been out of sight by HT, so why make the changes he did, when he did ?

    Connolly has to start the next game.

    If you put Erwin on, don’t take off the guy who is crossing the ball.

    Need to win well on Saturday to qualify. A draw, even with a win on pens, is unlikely to allow us to progress.

    Ultimately very disappointed.
    How are you working that out? 2 points and we definitely qualify. 1 point and we should still be ok.
  2. I stand by that point. He played in CZ until he was 28 and did next to zero. He was bang average. 
    I stand by my initial post too. 
    He was VERY AVERAGE in CZ. (That is why we were able to sign him).  He played enough games to make an impact, but ultimately wasn't good enough to hold down a place in the Liberec team. In his last year there he had his chances. I think at one point he was given around 9 or 10 games on the bounce, but ultimately lost his place and was moved on to us.  I knew of him myself because I got to a game almost every week over here. I follow the CZ game closely, but my wife's family are all Liberec fans who attend week in week out and they told me that he wasn't a bad keeper, just absolutely average and definitely not the best keeper at the club at any point over his 4 years there. 
    Based on all of this, when he moved to us, I wasn't very excited. 
    He moved onto us and has somehow managed to seriously improve his performances. To the point, he has been superb. But a year and a bit isn't long enough to be classed as one of our best ever keepers. If he did it over 3, 4 or 5 years then I would say yes. 
    I am sorry, but only stepping up to the plate for a year and a half of your career when you are almost 30 isn't good enough. 
    If I hadn't been living over here in CZ and like everyone else had only known him the past year and a half, I would be raving about him too. 
    In my opinion, to be regard as one of a club's greatest players you need to tick a number of boxes. Longevity, great performances, win trophies. Hladky only ticks one of those boxes, so there are a few keepers ahead of him in my greatest Saints goalkeeper list. 
    Who do you rate as better keepers for us then?
  3. Six goals in opening nine games sorry, not league only. 

    1 - Montrose

    1 - Forfar

    1 - Hibs

    2 - QOS

    1 - Dundee

    Still a better start than any St Mirren player of the last two seasons as far as I can see. 

    Ah. In my opinion you can't interpret much from goals against Montrose, Forfar, QotS, etc. Obika could well score a barrel load against them on a nice Autumn evening.
    Watt's league record for the Fakes was 22 starts, 7 subs, 3 goals. Pretty bad.
  4. I agree a hat trick is a hat trick and don’t want to take anything away from him. My point is in using that single game as a benchmark in comparing a possible signing. If we want to look at stuff in isolation, Watt scored six goals in nine league games last season for the Fakes. When was the last saints player to score six in nine? i agree on Obika. 
    I will go with whatever the management think, if they want Watt, great, I can definitely see why he’d be on the radar. Does it mean he’ll be a success? As you’ve eluded to, no. 
    Where are you seeing that? Looks to me like Watt scored just 3 league goals for the Fakes, and that he's scored just 11 league goals in total over the last 4 years!
  5. Gordon Scott named McAllister as his top signing target in the STV interview a week before Oran left the club. STV interviewed Oran the same day and he didn't list McAllister as a top priority signing (Popescu, Dryer, Muzek were Oran's top targets!).
    Popescu has been a massive loss. Dinamo are the 3rd best team in their league since they started playing him in gameweek 7, he's racked up 5 clean sheets already.
    He would have been a good investment.

    Didn’t say it was the worst mate but, if we’re getting into it, tell me the last time ANY Saints team played consecutive games v teams from, at least, 3 divisions below and failed to score from open play.


    I’ll wait........

    You'll be waiting because we've probably never played 2 consecutive games against teams from at least 3 divisions below, before today.


  7. Thomas Verheydt signed for Almere City FC. A small club with a 3000 capacity stadium who finished 7th in the Dutch second tier last season. They made it into the first round of the promotion play-offs where they lost out to SC Cambuur.

  8. Is this the same John McGinn who walked out on club at end of his contract? Never responded to clubs contract offer's and never told them his intentions? Looked at going to America where we would not have got a penny in compensation and when that never worked out signed for Hibs? Didn't care if the club who developed him got a penny by going to America.. some people have short memories...
    So (hypothetically) he shouldn't have gone to America, instead taking a path in life that wasn't his first choice, just so that the club got some money.
    Honestly, that's what you think people should do with their life choices?
  9. Kearney is a disgrace, to go out and not try and win a game of football is disgraceful. Its disrespectful to the club, fans and players...at Parkhead he accepted defeat before game started and tonight he accepted defeat, this is totally unacceptable. If Hamilton and Dundee had won tonight it would look a lot worse for him as he would have no idea what was going to happen in those games and had his fingers crossed. Absolutely shat it tonight to try and win game, people with this mentality should not be near the club. His team selection was poor and as for S McGinn think he was playing for them. Looked overweight, slow and totally unfit, waste of a jersey tonight...
    You strike me as the kind of fan who would have had us playing 2 up front at Tynecastle and Pittodrie...... and then collecting zero points.
  10. They are professional footballers who haven't played much football this season.
    Some players play in every round of the cup competitions, their country, European football and league games. This lot have only had the league games this season and most of them haven't been part of it from the beginning.
    There is no chance they are tired.
    It's not about being tired. Its about the effects from playing a game after months out, or playing many in just a few days. That takes a toll, you will have aches, pains and stiffness. Especially if you're not 19 any more.
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