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  1. Come on folks, we are 20th :'(
  2. Thats because as addicted as I am...Im Crap!
  3. Hollz

    Green Day Live

    GREENDAY are my favourite band, seen them live five times now, secc twice, t in the park twice and Gig on the Green once. They are an amazing live act, and at T in the Park this year, completely stole the show on the Sunday night. I blew Billie Joe a kiss and he started pointing at me, and then was moving his hand as if to ask me to come up on stage.....but I hesitated, and he got this wee girl up instead!! I was gutted, but mmmm yes they are planning a hampden gig next year maybe which would be fab, and for any wannabe Greenday fans, American Idiot is a great album, but Dookie is by far the best St Mirren n Greenday - my 2 fav things
  4. Hollz

    Yes Another One

    Lol sorry, was just away to have my dinner, must type slower!
  5. Hollz

    Yes Another One

    I am going to be re-laucnhing my St Mirren website, either this evening or tommorow - Buddy Brilliant. It has been gone for a few years but since I want to be a journalist,always have, I hae decided to give it another go. Will keep you all updated!
  6. Well we are back up to 13th, were 14th when I signed on earlier. I got a score of around 48,000 a best for me - it did that penalty kick thing, had nevre happened to me before, does that come on if you go over a certain amount of points? Im getting better slowly but Im extremely in-consistent with this
  7. Im getting so frustrated with this game, St Mirren are falling down the league folks! My highest is still only 37,00, im averaging around 20,000 - what am I doing wrong? I have been doing the shifting to the middle - is it because im a girl?
  8. Hmmm Arsenal have now overtaken us, me scores aint good enough to keep up with the pace. COME ON SAINTS, LETS GET INTO THOSE GUNNERS...
  9. Yes I played my opening game and gor around 37,000 an all time best for me, Saints currently sitting 6th in the Premier League! C'MON THE SAINTS
  10. Remind me never to go out with a guy again... It has to be girls after that...
  11. I just hit every shot wide... Changing my team to M*RT*N
  12. This game is addicitve, when I first starting playing I couldnt make contact with the ball at all, then I could send it wide every so often, and now I can actually score, highest score only 18,000 though, so a lot of improvements to make C'MON THE SAINTS
  13. Proclaimers - 500 Miles Runrig - Loch Lomond Snow Patrol - Run Travis - Why does it always rain on me? Deacon Blue - Dignity
  14. Hollz

    Top Fives

    1 - McKnight v Ayr 2 - Yardley v Raith 3 - Murray v Clydebank 4 - Ferguson v Dundee United 5 - McGarry v Soapdodgers (debut overhead kick)
  15. Just started playing this game...still not scored, or even came close come to that. I feel proud of myself when I actually make contact with the ball - but my best is still a mere 200 points. I feel I have a little improving to do...
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