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  1. well done Saints!! Greatest victory in over 25 years! What a day!
  2. Also have only been able to follow this with online updates....starting to feel a bit unwell now...
  3. I went to the Thistle v Morton game on Boxing Day. In the first half Morton were worse than any team I have ever seen in the SPL, and most I've ever seen in the First Division for that matter! Very surprised they won the game, and even more surprised to see them top of the table now. Will be happy to see them come up though, 12 points and 4 great games with full stadiums ahead next season!
  4. are there seats for non members for Inverness?
  5. Well, c'mon the Ton then!
  6. Is he related to Jack McGinn or not then?
  7. Well it should be in Other Football but I care to be honest. Although if you aint willing to accept it is a man´s game then f**k off elsewhere ya manky Greenock c**t. ETA; I care about the First Division and hope Morton win it. I don´t care for Greenock scumbags trolling the forum. Another edit; I hope Partick Thistle win it. f**k Morton.
  8. Don´t know why the OP has to come on here greetin about "an act of thuggery" but best wishes to lad if he has a broken leg, hope he recovers from it, and I´m sure I speak for everyone on the Black and White Army forum when I say that. As David says there is no way Shuggie would ever set out to injure someone. Sadly it is part of the game sometimes.
  9. How many seasons you had that nickname for?
  10. I see one of the donations came from someone who met Mark and his daughter in the Asda car park! Can we expect his signing to be announced any day now then?!
  11. Well done Mark and everyone involved. Makes you proud to be a Buddie. Thanks for reminding us what is important in this life.
  12. It means they want more money.
  13. Quite simply time for the board to accept they will not be getting their asking price and either step up and show proper leadership at the club again or accept the best offer open to them. I`d say 10,000 hours needs to look at a way to sell this concept better to business to show a bit more financial stability. Not the best time ever for trying that but not impossible.
  14. Also remember your facts in this bid so far come from Andy "Rangers till I die" Newport who will print anything about our club if he can call it an exclusive to further his career. This is the guy who runs stories about our captain loving Rangers on a weekly basis. I would imagine fact checking has been minimal.
  15. The only reason I didn`t sign up the CIC bid was simply that we were being ripped off on the price to pay for a loss making business with no concrete assets to sell on. Now another bidder has put forward the real value lets hope SG and the selling consortium see sense and sell to Mr Atkinson and allow us to do something that will benefit the club and the community long term.
  16. Bloody disgrace that Shuggie is playing for Partick Thistle and we are stuck with an imposter like Jim Goodwin who hasn´t bothered his arse since he got a new contract and can´t keep his trap shut about how wonderful the Old Firm are!! That is all I have to say.
  17. I think you are missing the point of "Nero Blanco"
  18. 1. Not enough cash in place for the takeover raised in time. 2. Put out a nonsense press release claiming the blame lies with Rangers. 3. Hope fans are utter morons. 4. Look stupid now every other club chairman outside of Kilmarnock says they will get by fine without Rangers. Starting to worry about the ability of these guys to run the club if the sale ever does go through.
  19. Looks like SG and the consortium are pulling out every possible contact to try and get the millions they want for the club. The club is only worth what people are willing and able to pay for it. Time to stop all this scaremongering about these scary "foreign investors" and for the selling consortium to decide if they want to sell to the CIC, keep running the club themselves or sell out to these asset strippers they suggest are hovering around the club. I personally don`t believe these asset strippers or foreign buyers are there so time for them to accept half the club isn`t worth 2m quid and sell up for what they have been offered. And for goodness sake, it is not the government`s job to run football clubs or any private business. One day these guys won`t be in the council and that will be the end of the St Mirren FC. Boot this idea in to touch right now.
  20. Kemp


    The car drivers should get off their fat arses and have a walk. As one anti car activist on here would put it; f**kEM!
  21. The Artist was a worthy Oscar winner.
  22. The amazing thing in all this is that it seems to be Whyte who is getting the blame? Surely it is Murray who got them in to the mess. Any opinions on how dodgy Whyte is? Has he perhaps created the whole situation just to get ownership of Ibrox and be able to lease it back to them for eternity. I doff my cap to the chap for his business brain if that is the case!
  23. Tweet from Graham Spiers tonight; "Administration has been a certainty at r*ngers for months. But not liquidation. Now, though, I believe a 50%-plus chance RFC will go under." FANTASTIC!!
  24. Am I correct in saying Broadfoot was out of contract and went for free? Shows you what is wrong with the game when St Mirren are picking up bugger all for the transfer and some middle man wants 100 grand.
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