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  1. Has anyone seen the Livingston v St Mirren match thread? Impressive win for Livi last week, going up to Dingwall and winning 4-1. Will be the usual well drilled unit and difficult to play against. I do fancy us to sneak a result here though. Going to predict 2-1 Saints provided we start with McAllister.
  2. History through the colonial lens.
  3. I offend you.....but having two ends of our ground droning on about the UVF and IRA, and chanting "f**k the Pope and the Vatican" doesn't? All for a few tiny pieces of silver. Shameful.
  4. Indeed, but UEFA have succeeded in making the penny drop at last. Scottish Football won't do anything not only because of the weasels running the SPFL, but because of our own club and the supporters that are happy to encourage the bigots.
  5. People like Bazil and the decsion makers at our club actively encourage sectarianism in Scotland. f**king hell, even Rangers themselves are now refusing tickets for European away games because their poison is unwelcome at UEFA. Yet we sit and squabble about how much extra money we can make by encouraging them.
  6. Your suggestion of diverting SMISA funds to cover basic club expenses will be like a red rag to a bull I would agree. Funding scouting operations needs to be paid for by the club. We need to run on a sustainable business model with all routine expenses paid for from our regular income. Did Jim suggest the club isn't able to fund the scouting network he would like? (I wasn't there)
  7. Excellent trolling of LPM, excellent.
  8. How many shirts do we print for each player? I assumed they would just wash them.
  9. Kemp

    Value For Money

    Well this the point, they aren't. It is still over half a decade away, and all SMISA need to be at present is collecting our 12 pounds per month and putting that towards the purchase of the club. If there are other plans that this will help with, then tell us! Otherwise use a cheaper option for admin.
  10. Kemp

    Value For Money

    I would be quite happy for the club to use this. If the club were using it to communicate will all supporters, organise local sports clubs, schools, organise ticket offers etc I could actually see the point in investing in the thing!
  11. Not really how I saw it. I thought the first half performance was fairly good, but our response to going behind and much of the 2nd half was disappointing. I would have expected to see a lot more urgency when chasing the game. In general though Goodwin is setting us up to try and play fast, counter attacking football and to move the ball quickly. I have no problem with us sitting deep as long as we are attacking with intent and purpose once we win it back.
  12. The bigots marching about the pitch in bright orange tops. They don't care to change. Hopefully UEFA closes down their stadium soon enough though.
  13. Enjoying a spot of Sunday morning fishing, Ricky?
  14. Psychological projection is a defence mechanism in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_projection
  15. Here we go, he's starting up the Grandpa Walton act again. St Mirren TV feel the need to apologise about 3 times per game with the whole "Oh my. Oh my. Well we do apologise if you heard some rather unsavoury words there." routine. f**king pointless. Someone needs to tell the game isnt going out on the BBC and anyone watching will be able to handle hearing Willie Collumn being called a useless f**king prick.
  16. The sentence can be applied to any of the protagonists of the thread
  17. Sad to see a good man reduced to this.
  18. Kemp

    Value For Money

    You know hee haw.
  19. Kemp

    Value For Money

    https://www.smisa.net/news-archive/278-very-connect-an-introduction Having read the above again the argument seems to be members can update their own contact details, rather than contact one of the smisa team who has to update email contacts on several systems. There is also the repeat argument that an organisation like SMISA can't be run of an Excel sheet. Excel or Google Sheets are very powerful, and more than good enough to manage the smisa database. A programme like Zapier can connect the spreadsheet to whatever external apps we also need to use. Basically, there are workarounds that could have been put in place to overcome whatever admin challenges were in place. It's a shame SMISA didn't reach out to their own membership regarding the challenges they were facing before bringing in an expensive external company.
  20. Kemp

    Value For Money

    Right, you don't know. Glad we are making some progress here!
  21. Looking forward to seeing this guy in action. Glad Goodwin agreed with the forum experts that we needed another striker in! The reaction of the Northampton fans suggests we have a player on our hands. We await a change of tune from Mr Popescu then and we could have a great season ahead...
  22. Kemp

    Value For Money

    I do also wonder why in a global marketplace we are using some company from Glasgow for this. It just looks like someone has had their ear bent by a salesman! I am not entirely against an investment in something like this, but it needs to do a hell of a lot more than manage the database and run some polls!
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