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  1. St Mirren 5 Hearts 2 May 1985 The buds qualify for the Uefa cup on the last game of the season. Same day as the bradford fire disaster. http://www.stvfootagesales.tv/record/2967/stillsgrid_2967_3074_s_e_Record_page_media_stillsgrid_interval/5/stillsgrid_2967_3074_s_e_Record_page_media_stillsgrid_page/2
  2. St Mirren 2 Aberdeen 2 Dec 1984. From about 43:20 here:
  3. Does anyone have TV footage of a 1-1 draw v aberdeen at love st? Maybe around 1986? Paul Lambert scored. I've never seen it on YouTube but the highlights were definitely televised on Scotsport. Used to have it on vhs. Cheers.
  4. he should just tell the polis they misheard him, and that he actually shouted 'free plasticine!!'
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9_kpc7zjZM&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  6. What I dont get is that the new owners will be seeking to strengthen the squad, re-negotiate contracts upwards BUT they want their creditors to accept between 10 and 20p in the pound via a CVA? And they wonder why everyone wants them to die? It's an utter disgrace if these cheats are allowed to survive.
  7. One thing is for certain. Given the amount of bombastic rodomotade already poluting this topic, can you imagine what it'll be like if this CIC doo-dah ever comes to fruition? Jeezo, this site will go into terminal meltdown. "ma business acumen's better than your business acumen" "naw its no" "aye it is" etc, ad nauseum......
  8. theres some bloke in W6 who screams "WIDEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" everytime we gain possession. regardless of where it is on the pitch.
  9. snudge

    Ipod Nano 3rd Gen

    TRS (total repair solutions) in Inchinnan business park are a mobile phone repair centre but they are also an accredited Apple repair centre. they fix ipods, ibooks, macs etc, both in and out of warranty. you could give them a go.
  10. 'can you smell summit?' - norrie mccathie 'here-its gettin a bit dark is it no?' mark vivien foe 'anyone got a shite brewin?' - bobby sands 'im foo up' - karen carpenter 'woooofffff......' - lassie
  11. james brown -papas got a brand new bawbag ottawan - B. A. W. BAG Guns n roses - welcome to the bawbag velvet underground - bawbag in furs beatles - everybodys got something to hide except me and my bawbag
  12. Whats a woman and dugshite got in common? the older they are, the easier they are to pick up...
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