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  1. I prefer PC for beginners by Enoch Powell.
  2. Of to a good start Hollz.....with your mention on Football first.Don't think Stu's been quoted on TV yet.
  3. Faithless-Greatest Hits.... Bob Dylan-Free-wheeling Bob Dylan U2-How to dismantle an Atomic Bomb Oasis-Familiar to Millions.....Millions rings a bell somehow T-Rex-Greatest Hits Naturally I hear Chrimbo tunes all the time like we all do....but refuse to quote the Artists concerned.They make enough in Royalties at this time of year.
  4. Here's a point Hollz.....when you do become an official journo....will you do a Stu..and not reveal your latest gossip to the folks on here? Don't let the Big lights go to your head....Stu will be the next Bill Leckie..or Chick Young.

    Favourite Cars

    1/Hillman Imp.....don't ask. 2/Avenger 3/Ford Escort 4/Another Ford Escort 5/Fiat Brava.....hated the lights at the back.Now if they'd put it on the front....the whole Knight Rider look.
  6. Strangely enough..a bit of country...in the form of Johnny Cash.You can blame ped for that.
  7. Might want to re-phrase that Hollz.Never a good idea to use the words contract and hit in the same sentence in this toon.
  8. I take it he's a wrastling dude? Haven't watched it since they unmasked Kane. Boooooo...Hissssss.
  9. 1/ I snort the line ( George O'Boyle) 2/ I have a checkered past..much the same as my shirt 3/ Fiat Bravo 4/ Wullies Bandido moustache 5/ A shot of sasperilla an a really dirty cow.
  10. 1/Sweet Home Caravana 2/The Coward of Ross County 3/ Shitkickers Waltz( copyright B.Connolly) 4/I was 8 years old and the shot my paw,an they shot my old dog too 5/ 7 sisters for 7 brothers ( copyright GMFC) and so on...
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