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  1. Could be wrong here...but most PC repair shops won't even touch it.They'll just tell you to replace the motherboard...too fiddly to buy in all the small components,not to mention the fact that you really need to be an electrical engineer to tackle all that gubbins. try This site...you can find pretty much all the components you need for a reasonable price.
  2. I was wondering how Inverness came to be part of Glesga?....I've been stiffed on bus prices then...
  3. She's fae Motherwell ya Pie. 1/ The price of a pint in the city centre....bang out of order. 2/ It gets more like London day by day 3/ Ye don't see a City Bakery anymore 4/ Blue Lagoon chip shops......THE worst.....EVER. 5/ The way that all these wee pissy arse toons try and make themselves out to be part of Glesga
  4. Internet Explorer 7 is a pain in the arse....it blocks everything,supposedly for added security.That's debateable. If you click on tools...then options,then privacy,then sites...you can then type in URL for this site.Click allow..and it should enable most of functions.I think anyhoo!
  5. Where the f**k do you live?....Tracy Island?...
  6. Another pish thread from EL NOMBRE....am just saving Templar the taxi fare. ....PIE!
  7. 1/ Pointing and laughin at the xmas jumpers most guys are forced to wear..as their rellies have bought it...when you nip down the pub for a quick pint. 2/ A big 'ole fry up....cannae beat it on a cold xmas morning 3/ trying to decide which aftershave is less mingin..as you know you have to wear some(see xmas jumpers) 4/ Playing with the weans toys.We all do it...in fact most of us do it the night before.."Just to check it works ok" 5/ Used to like watching beardface from the Telecom tower on xmas morning...it was ALWAYS some dude on HMS whatever who got flown home to be with his wife and kids.Gets ye right there. ...Awwwww
  8. Aye...ye have to give him that one.He tore them up fur arse paper. ..Thing is the yanks will have 'im...they won't rest till they've got him bang to rights now.

    Top 5

    Bite me! Dunno why the Smiths are quoted...quite possibly the "funniest" band of all time...lyrics are hysterical...

    Top 5

    1/ The Carpenters 2/ Coldplay 3/ Starsailor 4/ Dido 5/ Daniel O'Donnel....technically he's nauseating...but I couldnae miss him out
  11. Does Zal still do all the clown make-up?
  12. The Beatles....Norwegian wood....and she did.
  13. 1/ Dale "sod the f**k off" Winton 2/ Jade "slapper" Goody 3/ Darren "I must have a big wallaper cos god knows how I got engaged to so many fit wummin" Day 4/ Paul "bloke or burd...who the f**k cares" O'Grady 5/ Richard "yes I am a thieving bastard.... and what aboot it" Madeley ...PISH PISH PISH....
  14. Might be of interest to Cornholio...but last night there was a group on featuring Damon Albarn from blur on vocals and da legend that is Paul Simenon from the Clash on bass geetar...think the "supergroup" was called the good,the bad and the queen. Sounded alright as it goes....
  15. Nuffin like free advertisin eh maw?.....its the same wiff the phonebox
  16. A furget Maw....Is uncle TL the one with the tin of pop dent in his head?...
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