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  1. Nice to see a good sensible debate about the future of our club. Main talking point seems to be about how those subscribers would have a say in the running of the club. Over the years, SMISA members have elected a committee to oversee the running of their affairs and that has worked well in the past therefore there is no reason that the same cannot apply to a new board of directors at St Mirren. We are all adults who have the best interests of St Mirren Football Club and the Community at heart. Jim C
  2. Of course the fans were consulted through the Fans Council.
  3. A massive big thank you to the Saints fans who reunited me with my wallet after the under 20's game last night. Who said a fool and his money are easily parted? Thanks also to Stevie and Max at the stadium for putting up with an auld fud rummaging round the stand with tears in his eyes at 9:30 at night.
  4. Can highly recommend my son in law, high percentages of passes, well established and very reasonable, mobile - Stewart McGinlay 07875376045.
  5. There will probably be an official announcement but in the meantime I would like to thank all fellow St Mirren supporters who so kindly donated food to the Renfrewshire Foodbank on Saturday. The volunteers were astounded by the quantity of donations. A big thank you to the Fans Council for arranging this, your efforts are much appreciated. Jim Crawford.
  6. Just a reminder to every St Mirren supporter that the Q&A with the Management Team is on tonight with a 7pm k.o. Everyone welcome, free entry, bar open, what more could you ask for. Donations toward Youth Development most welcome. Prize raffle on the night - a signed 1959 Cup Winning Poster with autographs by St Mirren Legends and Hall of Famers, Jim Rodger and Alistair Miller.
  7. As you would expect the members who are represented by the committee will be the first to know. This is not an elitist thing, it is just that the committee have represented a group of supporters over many years and as it is a SMISA initiative it is only right that we engage with the members first before any decision on progress can be made. Can I just point out that the negotiations are not something that has been taken lightly. Full recognition of what is required has been discussed and the best practise put in place. The committee has been expanded to include members who are best placed to negotiate and plan ahead on the members behalf. The planning has also included the need to engage with those supporters outwith SMISA but at present we have nothing concrete to deliver. As for SMDSA, it has always been recognised by the committee that we have a responsibility to all branches of St Mirren's support whether it be individual or group based. In the meantime I would urge anyone who would like to join and contribute in our efforts at SMISA to get in touch as we welcome everyone with openness and honesty. I hope this clears up any apprehensions you may have Blair and I hope you continue to keep well and fight your corner. Jim Crawford
  8. The cash flow season on season is regulated by season ticket sales, commercial activity, monies from SFA etc. and the club are working on break even every year, so it would seem sensible that this is the model the new owners would endorse. Lets face it, there is no one out there who is going to invest any substantial amount of money that would mean St Mirren being cash rich in the future, we are and should be prudent. Jim C.
  9. Andy Newport? sounds like a fun guy to be with. In the region of £1m you say? that covers all the bases eh? Jim C
  10. Too expensive and costly to replace. Hope this helps.
  11. When all else fails, blame the council. Seriously.
  12. Just out of interest, is this the same set of goals that SMISA are part funding or is this another set of goals? I think we should be told. Jim C.
  13. The wonderful thing about the under 20's performances this season is that it is mainly youth players that are grinding out these results. If you watch their style of play, the ball gets played from the back and as soon as the ball hits the front men they have back up from midfield and fullbacks. There are no prima donna's as David Longwell would not tolerate them but what you do have are good honest hard working lads who are prepared to listen and learn. Long may it continue as it gives us hope for the future of St Mirren. Jim C.
  14. Have to whole heartily agree. The football on show was pure class from both sides. Great entertainment with both teams throwing caution to the wind. The former Rangers used to invite the newly promoted sides from the First Division in order to size them up before the season started. The only thing spoiling the day was the behaviour of the Rangers fans. Jim C.
  15. Spoke with one of the substitutes just before the game ended, he said that the player caught his leg on the concrete edging at the side of the park. Jim C.
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