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  1. Yes. But it seemed to affect Saints players more. Still. Glad we didn't get robbed.
  2. 3-1. Ross goalie is a disaster for them.
  3. A good win. Well done Saints. Sent from my SM-P355 using Black & White Army mobile app
  4. Maybe contracted to wear red x times per season? Sent from my LDN-LX2 using Black & White Army mobile app
  5. My first look at Aberdeen for a long time today.Very disapointed by their physical display. Fouls count must have been pretty high. The Scott Brown effect? Thugg-erdeen?
  6. The challenge was retaliation, both feet, and studs showing. Should have been instant red on 3 counts,
  7. Sorry. I've seen enough. Good night.
  8. 0_1. When do the Saints players turn up?
  9. I pick Henderson. End of season, where will he be?
  10. 4 teams on 45 points. Best goal difference only merits 7th, not 5th.
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