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  1. I'm happy that he has got a move which he is happy with, and having played with us as a Newcastle youth, it now looks very very likely that he will make a living from football. What a great result for him! I didn't like his first game for us, but then he quickly became a real part of the team and some brilliant performances and goals. That goal at Hampden was not just a beautiful move finished with a stunning strike, but it was the single most unbelievable few seconds I've ever experienced supporting saints. I was too young for the 87 final, and I was never sure I'd ever experience a moment like that. That Newton goal is something I'll remember everything about for the rest of my life. I'm sure it's not just me. I hope Conor knows that thousands of fans will remember him for that for the rest of their lives.
  2. "Could the owner of the vehicle, registration 'C.. H.. E.. E.. R.. I.. O..', please return to there vehicle as it has been sitting at the exit gate for over eight months."
  3. Has anyone else spotted them? They arrived 2 weeks ago (10th April) near the BASF chemical plant. I live right round the corner and I actually saw the first few caravans sitting there. The only reason I noticed was because of 4 or 5 manky looking kids were throwing stones outside the McBeals roll shop, and just inside the car park there was a massive fire going. Today I've noticed more caravans and a massive pile of furniture in a giant heap (presumably for another massive fire). You can see it if you stand on the platform of the hawkead railway station, or from the pavement going over the railway line on Hawkhead road. I had a letter from BASF (the land owners) today saying that the travellers entered the site illegally and that the police have been informed. I am wondering why this hasn't been reported in any local news. There's nothing I can find on the internet either.
  4. Suspicions are fair play, but presumptions are just stupid. He is one of our best players and I'm gutted to have heard this today, but football aint everything and Paul now has a history of attacking police which is fking stupid behaviour from any adult. He fully deserves the jail sentence which is coming to him (only because its not the first time he's done it!), which is a shame because he has great talent on the pitch. It's also pretty embarrasing for the club too, and a major headache which affects more than just the player himself. Having said that, I'd support his rehabilitation and will still support him in the jersey. Everyone makes mistakes I guess, some more than others, and perhaps a sentence will be good life changer.
  5. Lets say you're right (although you probably aren't).... if a police officer was winding you up, you would start lashing out and assaulting them would you? That's a normal reaction is it? Tube.
  6. Thats a good few posts, and I think everyone gets your point. You can surely shut up now. I was surprised that only 2 of the 6 clubs in the SPFL participated in remembrance. Not ony because they have done it every other year,.. or even as a mark of respect, what with being very large community bases and a focus of many thousands of people,... but even more so because pretty much every club had players and fans killed in the great war, not to mention WWII. To forget about those players and fans who served is an absolute disgrace. The little anti-british, anti-army, anti-everything chompers can easily think their own thoughts, or take solace in the company of a Celtic supporting atmosphere outside the ground if they want to go all 'Celtic'. I'm sure the vast majority would've appreciated a minutes silence, more out of respect for the sacrifice of the fallen than anything else.
  7. I go to quite a lot of West Ham games, and I was at shite hart lane last season. The day after that game the papers were covered in pics of away supporters, ONE was doing what couldve been a nazi salute (with well timed photography) and the rest had BOTH hand in the air. It first glance tho, psycology tells you that everyone is doing a nazi salute. Thats the power of suggestion. There were also reports that we had done hissing noises as a pisstake of the gas chambers. Not true either. We were doing "ssshhh" sound straight after we sang "wheres your famous atmosphere. Gas noises my arse. I was also at Newcastle away 3 days earlier where we did the exact same chant and "sshh"ing. There was not a mention of it, and that was just 3 days earlier. So thats why all eyes were on West Ham support on Sunday. Then, as it turns out, spurs fans went and shot themselves in the foot. The papers are relieved because West Ham almost gave them nothing to write about. Even when we pumped them 3-0, if Spurs hadnt chanted 'yids' then they would've just made something up about West Ham..... as usual.
  8. If you're talking about VIO player, then it's at your own peril. It will also not show the game. That's because there are no streams tonight.
  9. The song was shite. The display was dross. The efforts were half hearted at best, not that it mattered much, the important part was watching saints lift major silverware and that was perfect.
  10. No one complained when the lifted the league cup with loan signings scoring the goals.
  11. I like greggs stuff because its tasty and its cheap... but i dont think it will be cheap in football grounds so in that case, i wouldnt bother. I'd much rather that St Mirren, as Paisley's biggest publicity asset, would help provide a massive customer base for a local business. Surely that is a win-win for the town?
  12. I've been in the away end at Newcastle (I travel with West Ham a lot). The best bit is having a pint at the top of the stairs and watching every other fan celebrate reaching the top like its a mountain climb. Its a workout! Almost had my head chopped off by a plane's wing at half time.
  13. 1, 2, and 3. The final whistle. That final whistle is something I've dreamed of for decades. I never really knew how it would feel, if it did ever happen in my lifetime. I always imagined myself leaping 6ft into the air, but that didn't happen. Instead, when the final whistle went, I sort of just froze still while that massive wall of sound blew up around me and I think I just stood there. I thought of my past, my childhood, my Kelvin Holmes strip. I thought of my family and my friends. I thought of Love Street. I thought about those fans of 1926 who stood on the same spot as me a century ago, and wondered if they were still there on that terrace. I thought of my mum, long since departed. I thought of the Mars bar she used to stick in my jacket pocket "for half-time" as a boy. I thought about my 30 years of life so far, everything I've done, everything I haven't done, and what happens now? I thought about everything, because everything I know and am is usually invaded by my team in one way or another. I thought I would be jumping about the place but I couldn't. I just stood there and I was totally surrounded but completely alone for a moment. My mate took a photo of me, and my dad, sister and I had a bit of a huddle. Everything just came out for some reason. Don't get me wrong, I was my usual arsehole self again pretty quickly, but that one minute after the final whistle was the single longest minute of my life. I remember every one of those 60 seconds. Like life flashing before your eyes.... Mental. No football club has the right to do that to someone, but once it gets into you, it gets in really deep there's no getting rid of it. St Mirren til I die.
  14. So anyone else up for it?
  15. OK there's a league of 30 saints fans from here and the fishal site on xperteleven, with 3 divisions of 10. There are 3 teams up for grabs (you can change the club name, colours, transfers, tactics etc etc when you get there) Season starts next Thursday, so lets be having you! http://www.xperteleven.com (League I.D. - 81110)
  16. I've just seen this. This is tragic news... what can I say? I had only spoken to him on here.. well at least I think that's all,.. you speak to so many different faces in the paisley pubs after a few pints on a saturday, so who knows. He also PM'd me a few times, one of which was to ask about the music I do and getting a CD. The most recent time was when I was up at an obsene hour reading these boards and he PM'd so see if I was ok. That's the kind of guy he was and I think that those who knew him properly can feel very privileged,.. very privileged indeed. RIP buddie, don't forget your scarf. Dave
  17. Someone can take over your team so don't worry. Anyone fancy taking over a team here?
  18. We got a whole load of new teams at the last opening two seasons ago, and had to knock one or two back. There are 7 spaces available to take over a few teams in various divisions. Change the name of the club, change the strip and do what you like when your in charge. If you talk the talk on here, lets see what you can do on the park.... http://www.xperteleven.com LEAGUE I.D. - 81110
  19. You're right about Macca in the social club. Cass is a decent story but the acting was pretty garbage. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Green Street 2.
  20. So what kind of email address do you need to join it?
  21. ACDC - money made (from the new album)
  22. Who wants some wannabee Glasgow paddy c*** playing for us anyway? He was never interested in saints. Even when the deal was still on, I'd read the interview in the record and immediately was planning on booing him anyway. F*ck flushing notes down the toilet on that kind of w*nk anyway. If someone like that was our top earner, I would fully support strike action from the rest of the squad. We should get right behind Gus tomorrow. That was a lesson learned for Gus in his learning experience and he needs our full support. He deserves it. Steven Robb will probably play left back tomorrow, and TBH, I'd rather have an honest hard working professional like Robb, than some big headed, ignorant w*nk like H*rte any day of the week.
  23. Yeah he doesn't have a PC so it's his sister that put it on Ebay. Good observations though!
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