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  1. Frank was the most entertaining for sure. However in order to be 'The Greatest' it has to be someone who is respected throughout the game, and has Saints truly at heart. Someone who could stand shoulder to shoulder with The Greatests from all of the rival teams. McNeil, Greig, Miller, Stanton There is only one.Tony Fitzpatrick.
  2. Surely the sensible remedy is to turn up in less numbers rather than more numbers. How do you expect this rogue Board of Directors to pay any attention if you complain and then slavishly turn up and pay your money anyway.
  3. I think this figure is fairly accurate. However I sincerely hope that St Mirren are fined at least that amount for the criminal lack of effective stewarding which led to the public order offences of which we are all aware. It should come as no surprise that when hooligans are allowed to stand during the game then public order is much harder to enforce. If you are going to let them take over the family 'no swearing please' stand then stewarding should be effective. SPFL. Do your duty. Fine here please.
  4. Jam Tarts on a bad run at the moment. 9 goals conceded, no goals scored and no wins in the last 4 league matches. Saints falsely optimistic after a flattering 2 -0 gubbing at home, and a dreary 1-1 against the SPL's worst ever team. Goal in each half. Two Nil Jambo's
  5. He did a brilliant job at Thistle last year. No, hang on.
  6. I watched a Northern Ireland league match on Sky the other night. It was like watching the Juniors. I see that East Fife had won 8 games on the trot until they came up against Dumbarton and their new manager Jim Duffy at the weekend, and got cuffed 4 nil by the Sons. You've got to wonder what qualifications Gordon Scott and the rest of his so called Board have for recruitment and selection.
  7. Take your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape.
  8. Mmm. Don't think so. Maybe amongst you college boys in the enclosure he was Fitzy or Fitzo or whatever. In the North Bank he was plain 'Tony'. That should be the name of the book.
  9. It'll be great. But since when was he known as 'Fitzy'. Maybe 'Tony' or even 'Tony Fitz'. But... 'Fitzy' ? Whats the story here.
  10. I can put up with the poor view of the pitch, the lack of atmosphere and the lack of proximity to the town, if that is progress. However, 'how may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me my name.'
  11. Its maybe a great place to play football, but its an awful place to watch football. All four stands should be demolished and the supporters charged a fiver to stand on the rubble. It would be a more enjoyable match day experience.
  12. Davy is a good guy and a good Buddy as well. What he has done for his home town is remarkable, and I'm proud to say he was a pal back in the day. This sounds like a hatchet job by some talentless brigands
  13. 12 minutes ago, Edinbuddie said: noun 1. the act or process of smoothing or pressing clothes, linens, etc., with a heated iron. 2. articles of clothing or the like that have been or are to be ironed
  14. What a bunch of pompous oafs. I have never paid £3 to get into a pub and I don't think I ever will.
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