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  1. Despite the hilarity of last nights peformance, they are still a lot better than this Saints side. We can all be grateful that we wont be bothering Uefa any time soon.
  2. Correct. If relegation does have a smell, then its the oily odour of Stephens hair and beard balm. I have seldom seen a Saints team so lacking in fight. Enough of this project.
  3. Great to see the West Primary girl give the back stabbing public school boy dupe a hiding in the recent debates. I understand the gullible fishy Rishi is from Southampton. Saints 1 Saints nil.
  4. Great to see Liz giving the attention seeking nazi a clout round her wee shakey head.
  5. She is a good Buddie and deserves your support. You shouldnt badmouth one of our own.
  6. Or maybe one of the things that she learned at the West was the value of hard work and dedication. Like so many of her fellow Alumni at that famous primary.
  7. I see that the next Prime Minister went to school at the West Primary in the 70's. There are therefore three things I know about her for certain: 1. She knows her times-tables up to 12, no problem. 2 She's been belted. 3. She doesn't get why the new stadium is not called Love Street. I therefore urge anyone with a Conservative party membership to give her your vote.
  8. Unless I have missed the sarcasm, that is a sycophantic and grovelling comment of which you should be ashamed
  9. Dont get it. 1200 people were involved in Robinsons appointment?
  10. Correct. Whoever employed this dud needs bagged.
  11. Shouldnt be in the same league as these, and in 7 games time, wont be.
  12. Is this the worst Saints manager since Stubbs? I think so. Dont know what is more disgraceful. The performance, or allowing the rascists into the the Fitzpatrick stand. Tony must be deeply embarrassed.
  13. Correct. What did Alex Ferguson ever do for St Mirren.
  14. High praise indeed. Sincerely hope Jim and Lee get Aberdeen relegated. First club that has shown any interest they are off like a couple of tarts at a wedding. Get back Jack, do it again.
  15. I scored three hat-tricks in a row up the top of Saucel Hill during the summer holidays in 1974. One of the goals was in off the jumpers. Never got me a call up.
  16. I paid my £1.30 admission money to see Frank McGarvey
  17. Amazing crowd. Saints fans really turnout to see an entertaining team. Current management please take note.
  18. Agree with all of those. You must have been at Love St. Jan 77. 4-1. Unbelievable. Unbelievable.
  19. Tell you what. If I was the manager of Celtic and St Mirren were playing Hibs in the cup final, and my boy wanted to wear his Saints scarf. Then I couldnt be more proud. Regardless of who was paying my wages.
  20. Given that they so enthusiastically roll over to the Old Firm, St Mirren really shouldnt be in the Premier League, should they
  21. There is a disappointing lack of loyalty and support for one of our own who seems to be in some bother. We have a song. It goes a bit like this. 'We'll go wherever St Mirren go.......... We'll take you on wherever you may be. We are the boys from Paisley' Its one of my favourites as it sums up the 'one for all' spirit of our famous support. I dont really think it means we get into fist fights incidentally. I'm sure you must have joined in. So get behind John. Or if you cant do that then just keep quite, and dont join in that song next time.
  22. I see that the so called Scottish Football Association are charging our man John Needham for having a go at their favourite rascist bigots. Time for every true Saint to get behind John. Whether you think his comments were right or wrong, its now gone way past that. A blow against our Chairman is a blow against every Saint.
  23. Nonsense. Why dont you try supporting your team. Those rascists are not our friends and John Needham to his credit has made that clear. Its important that you get on the right side here. It because of this appeasing attitude that this insidious disease has been allowed to take root again. Whats unacceptable is anti Irish racism. Please do not lose sight of that when you are bringing down a man who has had the courage to call it out.
  24. I think this John Needham sounds like a splendid fellow. Calling out the rascist bigots is not a crime, and its a disgrace that he hasnt received the support from the Club and fans that he deserves. I am also disappointed in the so called fans on here who have critisised him. I think this 'Slash' is probably a Rangers fan. If Saints are your second team then we really dont need you. No wonder our team got humped yet again at the weekend
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