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  1. Would you be willing to put up or shut up regarding the proxy vote that you claimed to have given? [emoji23] Wouldn't want you accused of hypocrisy now wouldn't we. 🤔
  2. If the VAR officials see something they can also alert the referee to it. Though the referee if I remember correctly doesn't have to take action if they thought they had made the correct decision. PS, I'm fully expecting to hear that there was a communication breakdown. Only reason I can fathom for some of the decisions given or not given in the Scotland/Japan match.
  3. Think you're confusing magic sponges and magic pills [emoji6]
  4. Can someone explain the difference between signing targets and actual signings. Obviously someone doesn't know the difference and he may have me on ignore again, because I had the audacity to ask for proof of something he claimed he had done. [emoji23]
  5. The following year we had a big G stuck in the middle.[emoji16]
  6. Can he not just take a couple of pills and he'll be alright. [emoji39]
  7. Nothing wrong with genuine mistakes, even I've had one pointed out to me this year. [emoji6]
  8. Glad you provided the evidence, if you look down the page a few lines. Capacity 7937 [emoji106]
  9. The capacity got cut to just under 8000 when we correctly installed a platform for some of our supporters. [emoji106]
  10. You're absolutely correct, I read an article on wikipedia regarding it, I'm ashamed to admit. 🤪
  11. That's still one hell of a big 1/4. [emoji16]
  12. All explained here [emoji106] https://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/forums/applications/tapatalk/index.php?/topic/49752-We've-Won-Gold
  13. I didn't read it needs, I read that it was done that way before the appointment of a head of women's football. With some sponsors signed up to 2030 for the rights of all FIFA's world cups, Gents, youth and women. It may have made a mistake and received more from them, following the popularity growth that the women's game is getting. The evidence I provide to back the above up is the numerous sponsors who are backing the women on par with gents. PS it's even easier to find as it's not second hand selected quotes from years ago [emoji14]
  14. Got there by bus, trains, ferry, taxi, underground and shanks pony.[emoji23] And I'm still not taking any responsibility for several buds getting list after the game. [emoji867]
  15. Heard that we've made contact regarding getting Lyons for another season. Showed potential to improve, but needs more consistency. [emoji106]
  16. Obviously they didn't know then, that's quotes second hand from 2 years ago. [emoji23]
  17. I've seen you posting that a few times. Care to show the figures as I've not seen any.
  18. The goalkeeper can move along the line, just they must always be in touch with it, especially when the ball is being struck. [emoji106]
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