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  1. I didn't notice you supporting them on friday. [emoji6]
  2. There's still time, full moon forecasted for tomorrow. [emoji281] Though I hear the odds of a sighting of the loch ness monster are shorter. [emoji3072]
  3. Gave him the chance of reply, but I believe we all knew he would ignore the facts.
  4. You up to £9 now. "£8 a game is spot on, not worth a penny more to watch very limited ability footballers...standard is abysmal, atmosphere non existant, food terrible and rip-off...usually bored out ur tits..fecking joke" At this rate by Xmas you'll be over £30 [emoji23]
  5. And yet folk have tried to defend him even with getting presented with facts of his, I can only call jealousy that the many are managing to progress with the BTB's without him.
  6. It's only fair for LPM to be given the right of reply as he may have missed this. [emoji23] So what's the odds of him admitting he was wrong or providing actual figures to corroborate his statement?
  7. There has in the past and possibly still is folk using multiple user names. So just seeing if someone is willing to put there actual name to something.
  8. If you condone what folk consider lying, then that says more about yourself than me.
  9. Says the very person that has made allegations of a rape trial. How sick never mind embarrassing are you Andy?
  10. And who are you, please put your actual name to posts asking for said instructions. Naa didn't think you would.
  11. That person won't answer questions to his false facts. That person wouldn't put himself up for election, before getting succonded on to the SMISA committee. That person resigned before he was mandatory required to be put up for election. That to myself explains a lot about said person.
  12. Seen John twice. I hope he did the ballerina sketch [emoji23] Was at the top table for the second of the times and didn't even try and compete with him with the introduction.
  13. The bottler is back. Andy you still not willing to name the person you made allegations of a rape trial against? C'mon let's see you having the bottle to write it.
  14. The auld yins will be tucked up in there beds at that time. [emoji6]
  15. LPM has left the building. [emoji848] I forgot that LPM doesn't deal with facts.[emoji23]
  16. Her? Listen bitch, you better not be two timing me. [emoji3059]
  17. You're absolutely correct that folk should ask questions. Just that some or one can't admit they are ever wrong. Is it because they are just lying scum trying to stir? Enjoy? Me as well, fair cheers me up having a good laugh. [emoji23]
  18. You mean His, Him V's Every other buddie. As for him having a mentality, I believe you're giving him far to much credit.
  19. Not without agreement from the players current club. [emoji6] Not that I'm saying the club has given such permission.
  20. Just had a quick look at the figures concerned. 150 plus & premium members paying @ £12/month more over 10 years is £216,000 2 hospitality tables and 2 dinners (Season end and Youth development) @ £1200 a table again over 10 years is £48,000 Shares transferred to premium members at a cost in equity of £13,000 Diamond encrusted platinum pin badges, well they'll need to have been for LPM's figures to work out as the pay in from plus and premium members is currently at £155,000 more than the outgoings. Wonder what LPM can add to make it that ordinary members are subsidising plus and premium members.
  21. You can just feel the seething pain from his every post. [emoji23]
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