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  1. I know it has been asked before but why were Gus and Tony in Spain? Yes modern technology etc would allow them to keep in touch but I'd have thought one or other of them being where they were supposed to be ie at the office as it were would have been preferable, sadly not so we wait for further news.
    There was a number of other clubs and there representatives in that area, so it is possible that some face to face meetings and introductions took place.

  2. FFS. Talk about missing the point. 
    When you understand the difference between reactive and proactive communication then come back to me and we can maybe talk.
    During the ticketing fiasco and during Spitgate we should have had people like him pro-actively taking to social media to re-assure fans that someone was looking it these things on their behalf. That didn't need ANYONE emailing him and asking him to do it. That should have been a pretty fecking obvious thing for him to have done without being asked.
    I know the difference between reactive and proactive.

    It is reactive of me to ask what the fcuk did you mean with the following sentence?

    "someone was looking it these things on their behalf"

    I wish you had proactively stuck in at school.

  3. That's my experience too.

    Got something I want to ask or enquire about, I email the [email protected] address and get a fairly swift response.

    Couple of weeks ago, i received a reply from David Riley. Also met him at the SMISA AGM & had a chat. A decent fella.

    Only q i have about this q&a is, who asked or where were these questions generated.
    It was a basic what do you do q&a.

    Don't know really what more he could say about what he's doing.

  4. I'm sorry I must have missed all the announcements he made over the last few months. Perhaps you can direct me to his blog, his forum posts, his twitter feed, anything really.
    If he's not doing any of those then how exactly is he communicating with the wider Saints support?
    Oh and BTW, that answer he gave is meaningless. Anyone can say that. Companies come out with this sort of thing all the time. I'd prefer to see hard evidence.
    If I'm being harsh with him then I am happy to back down but I would want to see some evidence first.

    I read the whole story and I'm sorry if you missed this

    Should any member wish to discuss a club-related issue with David, he can be contacted on [email protected]

    So anyone is able to communicate with him and I've no doubt that they will get a reply.

    Anytime I've had communications with anyone at SMISA I've had a automated reply then the person concerned follows that up with a reply.

    It's that easy if you really do it.

    And he's communicating with the fans regarding what he's doing by publishing the Q&A you read.

  5. In that interview, Riley talks about communication being the most important part of his job.
    I agree.
    He mentioned having to communicate with respected people in the game, other directors etc.
    3 guesses who he missed out.
    That's right - the fans.
    A lot of fans are angry because they are hearing absolutely nothing they can trust about why we are struggling to recruit players, what the role of Gus is, how much it is costing us to continually release players, managers, coaching staff, what is happening with the continued problems with the ticketing system, why are we seeing no brand new income streams to bring more money into the club 3 years into Gordon's tenure, what specific plans have been put in place to (correctly) justify talking about top 6, top 4 .....the list is endless.
    Maybe if there was better communication from board level during times of difficulty there would be more understanding. They are quite happy to talk when times are good but when they clam up the second things go awry then it's understandable why ordinary fans are getting on their case. Senior managers and board members never seem to get their skulls around this because they are usually too busy trying to save their own necks. That is absolutely what has been going on at the club and THAT deserves to be criticised.
    He never missed out the fans, or as he called them supporters.

    Here he speaks about the fans specifically before the question you've selected a part of the answer from.

    Q: As SMISA’s elected representative how important is it to ensure the supporters are taken into consideration where possible?

    A: It's my top priority. I'm a supporter first and foremost, as is everyone on the board. I'm focussing on improving the supporter experience in all dealings with the club. Without supporters we wouldn't have a club so we should never stop looking for ways to improve the relationship between the club and those who spend a lot of money supporting us.

    Do you honestly think that doesn't mean including communicating with the fans?

  6. Are you hoping like the previous Smisa rep you can leave Smisa and take up a permanent  role on the St Mirren board?
    After all. you do put your role of St Mirren Director over your role of Smisa Director ,as is required by law, so you may as well drop the Smisa role.
    OR ,Smisa do not put someone on the St Mirren board and instead have a monthly meeting with the St Mirren board to address supporters criticisms , get stuck into them on their failure to keep supporters up to date   etc
    ie do what it says  on the tin , Independant Association  !!

    Just had a look on the SMISA website, is DR a Director of SMISA?

    This is Eastercraigs FC under 15s in 1975 shortly after beating Celtic boys club 2-1 at Parkhead to win the European Youth Cup in front of 10,000 fans.  My nephew John, who is in the photo is a Saints fan.  He sent me these photos from Australia where he's doing some coaching.
    Can you recognise the player who went on to play for the Buddies?

  8. I managed to fit in a mention of Stubbs as well.
    I never got that far before the rage took over.

    Now know the feeling McGarvey had, just after getting told that a f'in Swedish team had just equalised and hearing a small cheer come from the far corner of the Main Stand. 🤬

  9. Looks like he was involved in a belter of a play-off game last season. His side were 4-3 up in stoppage time and he wasted a chance to make it 5-3. The other team then scored twice before the end of the game (not extra-time) and got promoted instead. Let's hope Tony doesn't mention Hammarby to him.
    There's also an article about how much he cost Crawley per goal, however I only share it here because it also has this nugget at the bottom:
    "Cole Kpekawa worst value for keeping clean sheets – The defender cost Colchester United £62,400 for his one clean sheet"

    It's amazing how fast you can change your opinion of someone. 🤬
    FFS, just looking at how his current team finished last season.
    They had a Ham**rby style shit show in the promotion play-off final.
    0-0 in the away leg.
    0-2 down at home. Went 3-2 up.
    About to lose on away goals at 3-3.
    Score in the 89th minute to go 4-3 up, with promotion beckoning.
    Shipped two goals in stoppage time to lose 4-5, the 2nd of which was scored by none other than Mario Bilate, whom Stubbs took to Spain with us last season! FFS.
    Why would anyone mention them, just had one of the shittiest days that only the shit cleaner from shitsvile whose shit of a wife left him for his shit of a brother might have felt worse. And I do mean he only might have felt he had a worse day.

  10. Did Oran get a pay off though? You seem to be in the know.

    You really thought you'd get a answer from LPM?

    Yeah but... Tony F was in the media suggesting Celtic or Rangers should be offering a million for him if I remember correctly. So that kinda debunks your point!

    Still not answering legitimate questions. A simple (no pun intended) Yes or No would suffice I'm sure.

  11. The other team then scored twice before the end of the game (not extra-time) and got promoted instead. Let's hope Tony doesn't mention $#@#$$#@ to him.

    It's amazing how fast you can change your opinion of someone. 🤬

  12. I’m sure Coleraine themselves said that they had an approach for the Dundalk manager rejected.

    Edit: Here’s the BBC Link

    It was the assistant who was approached

    If you look back you'll see that LPM had written that Colraine had offered the job to someone and that they had declined it.


    Then when St Lucifer points that out he says they are wrong.


    So Tony, be the bigger man. Admit you got it either wrong or just lied again.


    You'd think a multi millionaire would get someone to check their posts.


  13. 3. Scott says he and the club knew all summer, that Oran was always going back to Coleraine... strange that given Coleraine had offered the job to someone else who eventually declined...!

    While I have my doubts about the overall validity of the article you really need to stop making things up. Coleraine NEVER offered the job to anyone. They SAID they were refused the right to talk to someone. This may be true or simply a smoke screen to hide their intent. The could have conceivably made that approach knowing it would be refused.

    All wrong above, must do better!
    remember Scott is now on record as saying the only thing we werent prepared for by sacking Oran is putting a team on the pitch! To most thats quite a biggy!

    As he has me on ignore, can someone ask LPM who Colraine had offered the job to.

    PS though don't expect a answer.

  14. There you have it folks, when someone gets found out they go into hiding and denial.

    If I was the person that had be wronged allegedly so many times I'd have been publicly asking questions and demanding answers from them. But what does LPM do, nothing but wee snide comments without backing them up with any credible evidence.

    He even questioned my integrity for a reason only he knows the answer to.

  15. Are you on someting bud? Seriously..?
    can i repeat for clarity the one question i asked " did you, or did you not say previously you were related to Cockles Wilson"?
    now you can answer, yes, no, or mind your own business.
    i think its funny though, as most people on here know I am Tony Black, and that the "Fan" you refer to who disclosed personal data he could only have done by accessing and distributing confidential information was the then leader of a many times failed campaign to buy the club, which he was happy to confirm he hadnt been a fan of!
    i guess when you crash, you crash big mate!
    So many questions from the person that doesn't answer many, if any at all.

    But I will answer them, but I think it's a sign of hypocrisy when you wont answer questions yourself.

    No, yes.


    Really, from the crash test dummy.

    So now I've answered the questions here's some for you that you haven't answered.

    Who was the SMISA rep that took note of the proxy vote you claimed had been accepted?

    Who was a.n.other that will corroborate your version?

    As for the confidential material you refer to. Don't you remember why you left the forum, or didn't you see the evidence that had been provided before you left. That was a meltdown that could have flooded the whole planet.
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