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  1. Very sad to hear this news, what a lovely nice kind man, thoughts go to his family ❤️❤️ xx
  2. Not sure what I did there ha ha , you are probably correct , I was just a bit disappointed at the comment .
  3. I have just ready an article in the online Daily Record , McGregor saying that Ally McCoist's words of wisdom got him through his first season at St Mirren , cheers for that
  4. I was trying to be discreet Jamie, The person is going to be mad when they see this. Everytime I think about it I just can't stop laughing
  5. Derek is a good friend of mine and a very nice guy, we used to be flat mates, He also did a good turn at the weekend while on duty for a member on this forum you know who you are
  6. Drops Of Jupiter - Train One of my many favourite songs
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