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  1. Amazing what two wins in a week can do to confidence. Maybe we should try it!
  2. Play Ferdinand and Baird at the back and have Popescu at centre mid. He has pace can pass and not afraid to tackle. Seems like what we are wanting in the middle
  3. A good striker is surely capable of much more than that even if only half fit
  4. FFS sign anybody else and they will need to give out team sheets so we know who is who.
  5. Just shows that you can polish a turd! The highlight of the pirates Saints career was probably clattering Kieran Tierney. Dreyer looks like he could be a gem but we will wait and see, A lot of it coming in off the left like Kyle McAllister, Midfield is going to be interesting with Tansey, McGinn, MCAllister, Lyons and Dreyer. If all play we will only have 1 up or if we sign another striker and go 2 up someone in midfield 5 above would miss out although could be Dreyer utilised as a second striker/10
  6. A whole week and no one has left that must be a record recently.
  7. Remember signing Calum Ball as he scored in a friendly against weak opposition. Hopefully Malec and his pal are better
  8. Celtic went down this route signing Nakamura and Due Wei and a few others which looked to be from a completely commercial point of view. Nakamura did OK but there were a few flops
  9. Waiting patiently for 7pm tonight. What's the chances of two signings in 2 days?
  10. Could be Aberdeen don't want Rodgers back and we are stuck with him to the end of the season
  11. Would like to hope that we have some things already arranged and are just waiting on the window opening and not scrambling about on deadline day
  12. Special dispensation from the SPFL to sign loan players outwith the window on the basis Stubbs made a cnut of it.
  13. And that would give some much needed left sided balance with him at left mid and some decent pace
  14. With Hearts taking almost 3000 to Motherwell would the club dare have a u turn and move the family stand again for the Hearts game if they were still top nearer the time we are due to play them?
  15. We could loan people to other clubs if emergency loans are still allowed for up to 93 days. Not sure if still possible as there was criticism of certain clubs use of that in the championship.
  16. Listen to the interview on the Derby website with Kyle, claims never to have been fully fit in his career at any point. Had a totally different preseason to the rest of the Derby "23 squad and unfortunately not what we need at the present moment in time
  17. Underwhelmed after speaking to Jags fans, but he will get full support.
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