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  1. Let’s just say whilst I am not calling for a change the performances in the league cup shocked me. I believe we had to hit the ground running following a poor second half to last season. What followed was a shambles and some even saying it’s a diddy cup. Well it’s one of only two competitions we can ever win. The league has started badly to and the last three weeks in August already look crucial if we are to have a chance. It took Tommy Craig until the third week in September to win a game and look how that ended up. With this in mind I’d imagine we will draw next Saturday as it’s a game we must win but at home how many games do we ever win???
  2. Like Livingston? Above is every season on a lesser budget. Already had two top six appearances. Why shouldn’t we be aiming to be comfortable.
  3. I agree I’m the game slipped away when we went down to 10. We will need to improve tho as could you confidently predict we would win a game in this scenario versus anyone? Im not sure we can slate the gaffer for today but he does need a win soon
  4. I’ve not seen enough good play to feel confident. Yes we have one or two players but the midfield looks like it’ll be overrun most weeks. We also aren’t able to score enough goals and perhaps still need to keep it tighter at the back. When you compare the starting 11 last year to this I think it’s clear we are weaker. I’m hoping that perhaps we can do a little business in the market as it’ll need some strength being added for us to have much chance. I realise it’s not easy replacing McGrath, Ronan and Gogic but we need better or else in my opinion we will be struggling . I am desperate for the manager to do well but it’s not clicking.. yet
  5. If the team can’t muster a bit of enthusiasm we will continue to toil. I’m amazed at the level of performance so far it’s a mile away from where we need to be. If beating a minnow tomorrow helps sort this decline fair enough but I’m not at all convinced by anything I’ve seen so far
  6. Gogic was better than any midfielder we have currently and that’s a fact. The team tho lacks any creative spark and we will not score many that’s for sure
  7. The team is devoid of ideas. The recruitment looks poor and unless they start showing more enthusiasm then I fear for us
  8. The team looks weak all over. Losing goals, creating nothing with lethargic and predictable play that becomes tedious. We also have no goal threat and with Motherwell in 10 days I fear for us. I think it’s possible now to say things aren’t working and following a terrible second half to last season the manager is now firmly up against it. He can still recover but I’m looking at a team that seems devoid or enthusiasm and motivation. This group should have been straight forward for saints but it’s become a nightmare and it’s put immense pressure on our manager to deliver points early . As I say I will back him still but i won’t be alone in thinking that it just doesn’t feel right as we really should look a lot better than this.
  9. Embarrassing tonight. I’ve seen some duff teams but most of them had the decency to try
  10. I struggle to see what the plan is here. Slow lethargic uninterested players going through the motions in a competitive match . We have been beaten by Arbroath and Airdrie and in both games we have shown nothing at all. Following a dreadful second half to last season I’d have imagined our manager would want a fast start full of positivity that would get people on side. I see a team bereft of quality and general hunger at present. It really is awful and ok it might essentially be pre season but it’s pre season for all and it’s a cup we have fond memories of. The first few league games now are of increased significance as with a relatively favourable opening few games we will need to pick up points or else I see a manager under major pressure . If someone can tell me what he is doing please let me know. I have to say I’m not having that tonight
  11. Is Lyness now the forgotten man. I found his performance against Celtic to be quite inspiring jist before Xmas and although he was a little suspect at Motherwell’s opener in the 4-2 humping on april 2 I feel he is being overlooked here .
  12. In the team we saw on Saturday - that shouldn’t be a problem and indeed why he wasn’t playing is a total myth. We can only win two competitions now were on the brink already
  13. Yes remember Burton o Brien and David McNamee leaving to Blackburn for 600k plus add ins which we saw none of. This add ins is no use at times we need a decent deal up front and if your telling me we nurture top talent to sell it for absolutely nothing then What is the point . It’s beyond a joke
  14. Your sure this board will play hardball…
  15. The team is blunt. Need to find fitness and hope it improves. I have to say if we sell for buttons again it will leave a really bad taste. Celtic must be laughing at this . Toss the saints a tenner and we will take their most sellable asset . Sorry let’s play the lad and see if he’s got it. I’m sure the development fee won’t be much less in a years time. Who knows maybe he will be subject to bigger interest in winter window.
  16. Yeah the champions of Scotland are tossing us their loose change and taking our hottest prospect. Top deal and wasn’t the claim by Jim Gillespie in April 21 these days are over. What a joke
  17. Dearie me . Bring talent thro and sell for buttons. Pointless . This better be bullshit as like others I’d play him and lose him for a development fee before selling for 100k. It’s like Celtic tossing loose change at us
  18. Tremendous- couldn’t he play in our first team because it looks pretty average to me. Also isn’t it pointless unearthing and nurturing talent only to have it stolen for 100k . It’s like Celtic offering us the change in their pocket. Gone are the days when we sell for 100k was the quote from the board. I’d rather play the lad and lose him next season getting a simelar development fee than sell him up the road . I refuse to believe we are actually doing this
  19. 125k for Dylan Reid what an absolute insult . But seems our board might accept. Dearie dearie me
  20. Still your playing a team that’s behind in pre season and your at home and they took the game two days ago. Needs to be better does it not. Get it’s about fitness but I like to play to win and for a bit of pride for the Scottish league
  21. Quite surprised to be losing this. Is the lowest league in England better than our premier teams
  22. I think that for clubs like ours where income is crucial they should surely have these kits out for school holidays. My three boys keep asking but as usual we have not date confirmed
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