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  1. Joe has to play honestly madness this continually overlooking a defender who’s a better option than most. As for Brophy he never got any game time this season it was all about nursing him back to fitness to avoid him breaking down if you remember then basically he never got a sniff. Not sure why as we haven’t been prolific up front.
  2. So the guy has returned from the World Cup and his form maybe it’s as good. He is probably allowed a little dip wouldn’t you think? I’d be looking for a fair bit more than 400k that’s for sure
  3. Ps I am a smisa member but I do not think the smisa stadium should be the name of our park. I feel St Mirren Park should be used
  4. Well it’s not our name ? We should go back to St Mirren Park for me. I think it’s the correct name.
  5. 100 percent let’s get back to St Mirren Park - the smisa stadium is a terrible name. Smisa is not st mirren
  6. Hi everyone Looking for two tickets for Friday night ? Went down today but sold out.
  7. The match day experience in these games has been much better. I think it’s great seeing our support grow too. Having people shifted to accommodate them for more cash does t work for me. I’d take a player less in our squad and pay more to ensure this stays. We should never go back to filling the place to the point where it’s swarming with opposition fans leaving us feeling like the visitors in our home park. St Mirren park is our home and it’s become a good place for our team. Having the majority of the fans on these days has undoubtedly helped us
  8. Considering we were missing our best defender and our left back the squad was able to cope. I have to say I see a better mentality a winning mentality these days and a squad full of professionals playing with a real desire for the club. I’ve been a fan over 30 years and I can’t remember a squad as strong as this one
  9. Fantastic to see so many people behind the goals these past few games. We need to say the board stopping the old firm taking two stands is working out well. I am happy to continue to pay a little more on my season ticket to help this continue.
  10. A fantastic performance and one that will live long in the memory. I too had the pleasure of three Celtic fans next to me in main stand but my six year olds constant signing must have annoyed them immensely. They stood out alright . Back to the game and tactics were magnificent the application was unbelievable and what a squad of players we now have . I can’t remember a stronger squad in all my time following saints back to 1987.
  11. Good leader - away at Easter Road last year he was superb in the 2-2 game . I think he is a player who is fit and will play more than others do . Crazy to let him go if it’s true
  12. Solid defender who appears to be a decent leader too. Chips in with goals and is usually always fit. That can’t be said of some of our defenders. I’m really very surprised by this story and hope it’s not true
  13. Outstanding today. The counter attack worked brilliantly. Well done saints
  14. A big signing if we can pull it off
  15. Let’s just say whilst I am not calling for a change the performances in the league cup shocked me. I believe we had to hit the ground running following a poor second half to last season. What followed was a shambles and some even saying it’s a diddy cup. Well it’s one of only two competitions we can ever win. The league has started badly to and the last three weeks in August already look crucial if we are to have a chance. It took Tommy Craig until the third week in September to win a game and look how that ended up. With this in mind I’d imagine we will draw next Saturday as it’s a game we must win but at home how many games do we ever win???
  16. Like Livingston? Above is every season on a lesser budget. Already had two top six appearances. Why shouldn’t we be aiming to be comfortable.
  17. I agree I’m the game slipped away when we went down to 10. We will need to improve tho as could you confidently predict we would win a game in this scenario versus anyone? Im not sure we can slate the gaffer for today but he does need a win soon
  18. I’ve not seen enough good play to feel confident. Yes we have one or two players but the midfield looks like it’ll be overrun most weeks. We also aren’t able to score enough goals and perhaps still need to keep it tighter at the back. When you compare the starting 11 last year to this I think it’s clear we are weaker. I’m hoping that perhaps we can do a little business in the market as it’ll need some strength being added for us to have much chance. I realise it’s not easy replacing McGrath, Ronan and Gogic but we need better or else in my opinion we will be struggling . I am desperate for the manager to do well but it’s not clicking.. yet
  19. If the team can’t muster a bit of enthusiasm we will continue to toil. I’m amazed at the level of performance so far it’s a mile away from where we need to be. If beating a minnow tomorrow helps sort this decline fair enough but I’m not at all convinced by anything I’ve seen so far
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