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  1. We don't stand a chance next week playing like that
  2. John McGinn is a good young player but is a long long way off being as good as Kenny McLean. He will need to find consistency and that won't be easy at his age
  3. Danny needed a big response over the festive season and got it . We now have a chance albeit a small one of the top six
  4. We are trying to sign a young spl defender
  5. The deal may be more lucrative however, the availability of kit for punters is really poor. Atkinson says we're a community club but provan was part of the community and provided a tremendous service to saints fans and they actually has every type of gift possible. I have been pleased with the kits but i don't think it is as easy as it should be to buy merchandise. I could not get a standard black and white scarf last year which is poor
  6. Hi sorry to be a pain i was wondering how i go about signing up for this. Quite happy to pay the fee. Thanks
  7. I hear that our potential new owners think that going down wouldn't be too bad. If so then lets chuck it now before we the fans pour anymore money into watchin a club that has stagnated big time. When we made the move to the new park we had to move on the pitch too. Sure setanta has hurt many clubs however' look at Inverness and st.johnstone two seemingly financially secure teams who have much better squads, manager and points total than us. They are prospering whilst we consistantly struggle. Why is this? Are they so much bigger than us?
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