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  1. Absolutely outstanding first season with us, his performance against falkirk in particular. Sadly he was nowhere near as good second season and the cup bonus row seemed to somewhat overshadow his departure. Cracking professional though and an absolute gentleman.
  2. : I find it hilarious that Harte genuinely seems to believe Celtic are interested in him and that at the age of 31 he has a chance of winning a contract there.
  3. Excellent, a left back with plenty of experience. Something we haven't had for a while. This will allow us to play Robb at left mid and get McGinn out of the left mid position that he really can't play.
  4. Think they were just testing the place out again. I noticed two stewards at the main door, one either side.
  5. I think its great that we aren't letting setanta use the space in the main stand when we could put it to better use which would gain money for the club. I don't agree with giving Salmond and his pals the use of it as a private hospitality room though. The man is a twat and shouldn't be let anywhere near our wonderful new stadium.
  6. I was literally a second too late to get through at the roundabout next to the new housing estate. I was mightily pissed off at the time that they'd closed it right in front of me but perhaps it was a good thing. Took me one hour and 20 minutes to get home today, usually takes 15. The whole of Paisley is like one giant car park.
  7. I stay not far from Johnstone and we just had it there. I can honestly say I've never seen lightning as bright as the flashes we had just there.
  8. Friendlies have nothing to do with any leagues.
  9. Jesus, that could be us f**ked for a few weeks then.
  10. Whoever did the Fifa research this year must have been clueless. Hardly and of the players look even remotely like they actually do in real life.
  11. Slightly off topic but is it you that does the player data for Fifa aswell?
  12. C'mon the goal machine! A nice wee goal tomorrow will do the trick Billy
  13. Never buy a pc from PC World. Their computers are mostly rubbish, customer service is non existant and if you take your computer to them to be fixed they just f**k it up even more. They are absolutely rubbish.
  14. Aol are shite. Keep well away from them.
  15. Green Day - Time of your life Brilliant song
  16. The goal machine is back in business :D GIRFUY all the Billy Mehmet doubters
  17. The wii is quality, but after a few weeks it gets boring. PS3 all the way for me.
  18. I reckon his target is 10 - 15 goals this season. I think that if he keeps playing like he did yesterday he could easily be our top scorer this season
  19. Yep thats right. The 40 GB one will only play PS3 games.
  20. Personally i wouldn't have offered him a contract at all but we did and we're rather short of players so needs must.
  21. I'd say the best position to play him in is the right side of midfield. But obviously we have Burchill for that. I think we should revert back to 4-4-2 next week with coco partnering Billy up front.
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