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  1. I hope yer watching on your own. i wouldn’t want to be sitting next to you 😊
  2. I’m visiting my card carrying pal in Elderslie and it’s just started.
  3. At 100 seats I would sell/give to our flag waving drum guys. As long as they promise social distancing +.
  4. Is this no better than being a walloper? Or mibbies you've typoed.
  5. How many St. Mirren supporting non season ticket holders attended our home games? Would that number fill the seats that would be made available? As a season ticket holder can I “pay at the gate“? Should season ticket holders be the first to be given the option of buying tickets for the stadium?
  6. And what was the outcome of the case?
  7. It worked for me. Whether the feed they receive from the broadcaster works before the next home kick off is a different matter.
  8. “Overall satisfactory” is not good enough. They eventually answered my email to them about the poor service. They asked what I was using, I assume after realising my set up could not be the problem this was their reply Hi Bob, Unfortunately we had issues getting the feed from the broadcaster and the quality suffered as a result. We have been looking to resolve teething issues this week and the next home match should run more smoothly. Kind regards and apologies for the inconvenience.
  9. Their customer service is shocking. I’ve heard nothing about o my message sent via the website. I’m most concerned that St. Mirren are giving this company an amount per season ticket holder who logs in/subscribes. I would prefer St. Mirren to keep the money and not waste my time on a Saturday pretending to me, and St. Mirren, they are providing me with a service.
  10. this should be fast enough for them.
  11. I’m not blaming St. Mirren. I am more concerned that St. Mirren are giving money to a company to provide me with a service and I’m not getting it. As I have said before, perfect prematch interviews then it collapsed before kickoff. Only got back in at halftime and stopped before second half started and returned after 70 minutes. I don’t have a problem with not watching a game. I just want to know in advance if they believe it was a problem my end. If they do think that I won’t waste my Saturdays trying to watch and I would ask St. Mirren to retrieve whatever they are paying for me to be supplied with an inferior service, and they can forget about away games. I used Chrome and I firmly believe the problems were their end. I was using a very up to date Surface Pro.
  12. Is this company not covering all SPL clubs?
  13. I won't be buying any away games unless they acknowledge our problems and say they have made improvements. In fact, if I experience the same problems at our next home game I will be suggesting to St. Mirren they ask for a rebate if they are paying per season ticket subscriber. I'll be out.
  14. The problem is I, for one, need reassured that they know the problem is theirs. If all the PPV guys got a good picture, then they need to sort out the Season Ticket guys. I have fast cable broadband so they shouldn't blame my end. I was happily watching the prematch interviews and as soon as it went to the game it disappeared. I was logged in as a season ticket holder. Managed to get back in during halftime then out again. Back in from the 70th minute ,but the picture was so poor you could not read the scoreline. The picture came good for the last 10 minutes.
  15. Sorry St. Mirren Tv, you better come and tell us why I only managed a total of perhaps 25 minutes of this game. 10 of the last 20 minutes I got a very poor picture. so much so, I had to phone someone to learn the score as it could not be read on the screen.
  16. Commentators tell us how many minutes added
  17. I've logged back in but now getting an exclamation mark ! in a circle, above a set of {} brackets. At least we are winning, I believe. Had I known this carry on I would have done something else today. This is nonsense
  18. go to home it's under there but it's not letting me in now.
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