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  1. E=Mc2

    Ebay Problem

    I have peered over DSS's shoulder when he's been checking his web mail. It's sad to see the amount of playground humour he gets sent by people who should get out more.
  2. I still get the warning when I visit "Charlie Adam" topic on The Rumour Mill. I also got it on "Potter" topic. I use google chrome.
  3. Someone shouted at Aussie Shane Warne, "How come you're so F*****g fat?" Reply was.............. "Every time I f**k yer missus she gives me a chocolate biscuit."
  4. To compensate for the lack of naked dancing girls I suggest you do what I did. And watch it in your birthday suit. Remember and close your curtains. Luckily my neighbours are understanding. " Och! that's that Albert just watching the Saints again"
  5. Oh!................................. I expect Michelle to be on here soon bitching about you. Cat fight, guys! Cat fight! Pre match entertainment per chance. Sorry Miss Saint, the wee edit was artistic licence.
  6. There's a website?????????????? http://www.bawbags.net/
  7. Your charm and good looks coefficient would be greater than all of them put together.
  8. 1) Kramer vs Kramer 2) Mrs.Doubtfire 3) Bye Bye Love 4) The War of the Roses 5) Divorce American Style I am about to commission my own movie called, Woman Give You Tourette's Syndrome. You all know what I ***king mean?
  9. Got it in the States in October.
  10. The title says it all. The fact it was a present from me makes me very suspicious. I know that by Googling "repair ipod" I get results, but they look very expensive. Anyone any suggestions?
  11. Com'n on Billy boy. Opps!!!!!! I'm starting to sing the wrong song.
  12. Got to agree. Coco can come on later in the game if necessary.
  13. As they say............ beauty is only skin deep. Before and after.
  14. When it says on the photie "click to enlarge", it does happen.
  15. OK I 'll come clean. I've just washed my hands, and these are the ladies in question. Imogan Stubbs Julia Roberts Cameron Diaz Keira Knightley Veerle Casteleyn
  16. Top Five Characters, Featuring In your sexual fantasies Let me think............. Thumb Index finger middle finger the other one and pinkie Does that make me a wanker?
  17. 1) any St.Mirren game we win by 5 goals. 2) any St.Mirren game we win by 4 goals. 3) any St.Mirren game we win by 3 goals. 4) any St.Mirren game we win by 2 goals. 5) any St.Mirren game we win by 1 goals.
  18. E=Mc2

    Slide Shows

    Uch! I've just given a screen away to a charity shop on the Maryhill Road. Not kidding. Do you wish me to see what they are looking for it?
  19. Light travels faster than sound This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak
  20. A lovely wee lass like you shouldnae be getting viruses.
  21. Seinfeld Malcolm in the Middle Two and a Half Men Have I Got News For You Law and Order
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