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  1. https://www.the42.ie/jamie-mcgrath-5503988-Jul2021/?amp=1 Totally agree with Jim's stance.
  2. Yip have a 15 goal a season striker and he would have finished second top goalscorer most seasons over the last 5/6 yrs
  3. Says on the official twitter he misses out through injury
  4. Rumour on twitter that he's now going to sign for us after knocking back an extension with Notts County. Find it hard to believe with Sheron and Thorvaldsson in albeit on loan.
  5. Noticed his dad was his manager at SV Reid
  6. No Mcginn in the reserves today.
  7. Led to believe mcginn is 33% of any profit do if he goes again we get 33% of any clause hibs have (believe there is clauses)
  8. See we're playing ethan at left back in the reserves also. [emoji848]
  9. Is it not Jamie Murphy we're talking about?
  10. Are adverts not based on your cookies ie your previous browsing history?
  11. Confirmed https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/2989-sean-mcloughlin-joins-saints-on-loan
  12. If true he is highly thought of and made the champions league squad last year against barca. 19 years old and can play centre back
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