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  1. 1 hour ago, Slash said:

    He’s probably the last Saints player to score a hat trick in a top league match. Unless my memory is completely fcuked. 🤕

    Before him was Thommo versus Ross County IIRC in the 5-4 game.

    Who before Thommo only someone like @Eric Arthur Blair or @HSS or @billyg will remember as they tend to be our resident stats guys.

    Has to be top flight league matches only mind.

    Where to begin?

    Thommo never scored 3 v Ross County,he only got 2

    He has scored a hat trick for us though and it was against Dunfermline in 2012 in a 4-4 draw which would be our last top league 3





  2. 10 hours ago, Cookie Monster said:

    Anybody ever been refused service in a pub because they'd been to a funeral that day?

    Happened to myself and a couple of mates last night.

    One pub in Causeyside will allow funeral drinkers 1 drink and then they are out

    Were you in a pub in Causeyside?

    I don’t blame publicans I remember the days when I used to frequent pubs and you’d cringe if a funeral mob came in



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