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  1. when was the last time u looked at ur foto. no room for that 'pish' on the NB. u just proved u can b a saint AND a scotland fan :lol:

    come on the buddies 2morro nite. 2-1 :notworthy


    What does me wearing a Saints top at Hampden have anything to do with "We'll be coming down the f**king road"?

    If you read the post correctly you'll see it's the stupid song I'm talking about not Scotland.

    I really hate that song and can't think why anyone would wish to sing it at LS.

    The NB of the late 70s/early80s would be turning in their graves.

    If they were dead of course.

    2-2 Sts win on penalties :wink:

  2. Cor blimey, Rofsay mate.

    Yeh, you 'ave.  Straight up, Guv.

    I fink... :blink:

    btw,  I would just like to add my own personal

    "Thank you, Fergus". :)

    After yesterday with NSS... who led me into drinking dens...


    Pubs are opened again Ching,get out there.

    Lovely morning B)

  3. We never created a real chance today,very poor.Mehmets 1st touch is worse than Mixus,he's all shins and no feet.I will,of course,give him the benefit of the doubt as it's his 1st game.Big Kirk not his usual self either.A defeat next week and we've an awful lot of catching up to do.

    I could murder a swally :angry:

  4. As HSS said- it's a refurb- be careful.

    Also if you want to play games it's a poor spec with integrated graphic.

    Real question should be this- what do you want to do with the machine?


    Don't go putting words into my mouth McB.I never said that :angry:

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