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  1. :( Whilst still in a sober state, I slipped on the way off the coach.... To prevent my head taking the damage... I used my arm... Hand is still numb... Thinking about going up the hospital to get it checked over :(

    The Daftie sitting in front of me done it when we got back to JBs.Classic comedy moment :lol:

  2. just recieved an ipod as a gift

    my pc runs windows 98 - - non compatible with i pod software

    but it has a firewire card!!

    my work lap top has windows xp professional - i pod software compatible.... but no space for fitting a firewire card

    technican has informed me that i can buy a i pod usb 2 capable to facilitate music transfer from lap top to the i pod

    will this affect the transfer speed - or music quality?

    has anyone else had the same problems?

    any ideas or suggestions welcomed



    Sell it :)

  3. I saw NSS meandering along Gauze St and into the pub named after him...........

    It has a silent W.........................

    I met him while dropping off at the Boolin Club.He's got a big day tomorrow with the annual presentation,the highlight of a Presidents term of office :unsure:

    He's offered to make my(our)Wedding Cake but I think it'll end in tiers :rolleyes:

    (Grabs slice of cake and fecks off to the bar) :byebye

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