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  1. Is fantastic with cranberry sauce and crispy fried streaky bacon

    Parmesan would be my no 1. as well...fantastic sweet nutty taste

    I also like Gratte Paille, my fave blue cheese would be Cashel and my fave cheddar would be Keens


    Aye but what would be your favourite Primula? :rolleyes:

    Ah've just took ma trainers off and my feet smell like cheese,

    that posh stuff youse all eat but not Primula.

  2. Depends what FTP your talking about, the kind i'm talking about or HSS's kind.  :rolleyes:


    It's not my kind.

    My Missus would boot ma baws if I came out with a statement like that.

  3. The Sound of Music? Aaaahhhhh, I recall in the distant past my big brother telling me of a song that was chanted by the Northbank. Went something like:-

    "Thaaaaa hiiiiillls aaaare aaaaliiiiive wiiiith theee soooouund of S M! S M F! S M F C! OK!" :lol:


    Wrong again Howard.It was "The hills are alive with the sound of.....................

    You're gonna get your fecking head kicked in" :)

  4. Nice one McB.

    Hope you made it payable to SMISA.

    and tom if your going to act like a prick and ban me at least wait untill Div sends me a message of the address of the Hospice i have to send the cheque to. :wink:


    Oi,I thought you were going to pay up on the pitch at Love St :blink:

    July 23rd,Saints v Viewfied Rovers, will be perfect.

  5. Come and collect you when you're pished (but not at your request).........................



    The bitch will put me out of buisness :(

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