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  1. HSS

    Dj Jazza

    I was out,when will it be on again?
  2. HSS

    Dj Jazza

    Oi Jazza,I didnae realise you were a real DJ 'til I saw you in action in the S B last night. Watch your back Tiger Tim
  3. HSS

    New Skin

    And I liked it when my photo was at the top of the page
  4. HSS

    New Skin

    They weren't there last night.I still prefer my old black background.Bloody meddling kids.
  5. HSS

    Dj Jazza

    Do you do requests Jazza??
  6. HSS

    Much Needed

    It's not working
  7. HSS

    Much Needed

    I.m with you Jazza Where is it?
  8. HSS

    Memory Stick

    Principles is part of the Co-op which is a big chain store
  9. Try this instead. http://www.riversdalepirates.co.uk/fun_games/
  10. Dylan from the Magic Roundabout
  11. I think........................... Get a life
  12. We watched that game at Suedeheads.When Scotland scored one of the boys leapt up and smashed his new glass lightshade
  13. Beating M*rt*n is only an excuse to have a couple of extra pints. Beating the **** + ***** is an excuse to have a couple of extra pints every night
  14. Was that Mayo on your fingers today or was that s....
  15. Where's WYD when you need him
  16. I notice a lot of you have went for"24". What is it?(I've never seen it!)
  17. HSS

    Banner Comp

    So she'd rather go on holiday than get your PC fixed I'll have words with her
  18. HSS

    Banner Comp

    Where you been hiding Jaz?
  19. HSS

    Favourite Cars

    Safety of life at sea. And your manual is wrong.
  20. FUXAKE, Don't let LS see that post
  21. HSS

    Saints Picture

    Where did you lose it?
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