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  1. 1 hour ago, Ronnie said:
    3 hours ago, HSS said:
    So you don’t actually know what’s happened to the girls?

    Unfortunately some of us have real jobs so cannot sit about in a car all day if you're that desperate to find out next hire you get detour to stadium on way back and find out.

    Wrong again Ronald 😂

  2. Just now, Ronnie said:

    According to various posts on here, St Mirren Facebook and apparently on twitter too they were relieved of their duties.

    Maybe someone who has been down at ticket office this week will confirm.

    So you don’t actually know what’s happened to the girls?

  3. 4 minutes ago, Ronnie said:
    1 hour ago, FTOF said:
    Gayle Brannigan is the Chief executive of the St.Mirren charitable foundation and works closely with the club.

    She was like I said forever in Paisley Express, Paisley Social media etc at Pro Life in probably a similar role, maybe if the club hadn't sacked the 2 woman who work at ticket office the chief executive wouldn't be dealing with season ticket problems.

    They were sacked?

  4. The fact that the wee boy had wore his mask then taken it off gives FS the right to ask him to put it back on

    The problems begin if he replies “f**k off ya old W

  5. 2 minutes ago, Callum Gilhooley said:

    Ah , fair enough . But the Museum closed in sept 2018 . Wtf they been doing since then ?🤷‍♂️


    There’s loads of work been done inside both the Museum + Library.Just because you can’t see the work doesn’t mean there’s nothing being done

    This project is going to be brilliant for the Town…………and for anyone who may own a property in the area 😄

  6. 35 minutes ago, beyond our ken said:

    I think it would it be reasonable to ask that other shareholders to make a pro-rata payment to match SMISA's investment

    It won't happen, but it's a wee bit off if other holders of a sizeable amount of shares will see their investment protected or made to grow by dint of the well-intended actions of others, especially if the £400K fund is ever used in anger.

    Good idea though, in principle.  SMISA should take steps to ensure it isn't abused

    Those other share holders that kept the Club going for years before SMISA was ever thought about?

  7. 1 hour ago, Cookie Monster said:

    Obviously never understood my post, that's after they've been through my digestive system. emoji1787.png

    If you’re trying to make out that’s the sewage boat then you’re talking sewage ⛴

  8. 7 hours ago, Hizzmann said:

    It's so sad that today you can bump into fake ads. People spend tons of time on searching for vacancies. And when they ultimately find something it turns out to be a fraud. That's so sad. Such news proves that it's essential to use reliable job search platforms. 

    Even using reliable search platforms doesn’t guarantee a reply If a company asks you to apply to them then the very least they can do is acknowledge you

  9. 10 minutes ago, Callum Gilhooley said:

    That’s how I read it , or at least , how I believe it should be if we apply fair rules.   And I’m saying that even if I lose out. Just want the club…… OUR CLUB … to explain the rules and stick to them. 



  10. 10 minutes ago, portmahomack saint said:

    Don't think it was ever called that,, I could be wrong of course,  was it the Three Horse Shoes, 🤔

    The Three Horseshoe was behind Davie Hays (HITW) and later became Chaplins Its now an accountancy office or similar

    I was drinking in Jack Daniels in 1987…………alongside half the team


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