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  1. And then Gus will find out that Jack Ross has taken his job...........
  2. I noticed when I was down that way last week that there’s loads of new housing at the Dock across from Sinclair St
  3. I would imagine the crappielow land would only be suitable for industrial use?
  4. So who is going to fund the build of a new stadium?
  5. Wonder how much of a payoff poor Chris will get??
  6. That’s not going to happen anytime in the near future They are going down the Fan Owned route like ourselves but........the fans would own the club but not the stadium.Dangerous route to go down as they could find themselves homeless overnight.
  7. More commonly known as Pantecs.I’ve always been amazed by the wee “living area” above the cab.
  8. HSS

    McIness Out

    Read all about it................ https://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/forums/index.php?/topic/32526-mcinnes-is-out/&tab=comments#comment-1772727
  9. HSS

    McIness Out

    8 year reign comes to an end.
  10. Just never read it right.........but now that I have may I say you’re 100% correct
  11. Livy also have a game in hand at home to Accies next Sat
  12. And the thousands of law breaking fans are rewarded by the team going over to party with them 🤷 Mind you they have history of it Did they not reward the Monopoly boys with a wee game in Europe? 👏
  13. There’s another fans party planned for tomorrow outside the ground Now if I know this then surely Police Scotland know this?
  14. Fake news as they have never won the league 🤷
  15. Thousands of sevconians outside the ground just now I trust Police Scotland will deal with the situation 🤔
  16. Careful now or you’ll get banjoed if HM sees that 🪕
  17. Oaky we’ve got a cannibal caveman here,get him sorted
  18. No mate but I can understand your thinking as she was always there Her and Fergus were an item for a good while.
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