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  1. I see the some of the kerbstones nearby have a touch of the Larkhall about them.......painted red white and blue
  2. I see the 'tribute' has been removed
  3. Believe the floral tributes include a UVF flag
  4. RIP mate,been a long 5 years but the buds done it for you today. Sleep tight mate
  5. Ian MacFarlane (Dumbarton goalie for various incidents at Boghead) Ken Eadie Ian Baird Walter Kidd Heart of Midlothian FC Hammarby FC Dave Bowman
  6. I'm 41 and sing it as do many others of an older persuasion as its rousing and if we sing on Monday a lot more than normal it may help our team
  7. Toronto both,London Barcelona New York Edinburgh and Niagara Falls have to say Toronto wins by a mile
  8. Didn't know him personally but sympathies and thoughts and prayers with his loved ones and family RIP
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