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  1. Are the Championship / League 1 Playoffs different to the Premier League / Championship Playoffs eg does 9th place need to play 2 rounds?
  2. When the company i work for looked at tendering for this we decided against it as it advised the plumbing was being done free by a fan so very unlikely this will be covered. I was the reason we decided not to price this
  3. i was sitting in the front row of the west stand when he went down after not being touched and received pelters for it Me nor my dad saw any monkey actions or heard any chants and he was also winding the fans up back
  4. Very poor from the BOD. Surely they must give us the chance to properly say goodbye
  5. first thing i thought of when i heard this on radio this morning
  6. Id move Newton into Goodwins role and Reilley into Newtons
  7. saintinek

    Job Lots

    i bought 40 petrol lighters on ebay and still sitting in my room
  8. saintinek


    haha love the gordon brown one
  9. anyone have one for a sony erricsson they could send me cheers
  10. lets hope the same result with kean and dargo next season
  11. saintinek


    its a good site everyone should join thanks jazza for the sig
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