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  1. What a load of ballocks Vote CtC 4 CiC
  2. Think you've got me mixed up with my old pal Angus
  3. I think he protested to much.
  4. He wants in now. Sorry Liverpool Bud i had ordered this before Faraway had gave you that number Nearly forgot to add, think i'll apply for the Fashion Directors position now.
  5. Thought i had been missed oot. AYE! Can i be the official mascot of the FFF Club.
  6. Dont pick on a young bud just cause your not allowed to join. Must see faither for more pocket money.
  7. Far Flung Fud Forget Full Farmer. Only if i can join. Not sure if t-shirt come's in my size though.
  8. A party this weekend in anchor estate
  9. This the one you seen --Clicky--
  10. There was a Bowling Green at approx the JNI site, and Priorscroft was formally at the bottom of Townhead Terrace. If my recollection is right it was Bowey(sp) That owned The one at JNI and the Present Home of Victoria. Brilliant photo's Tom, where did you get them from?
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