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  1. I am led to believe that the Swiss buyers have been in all week doing their thing
  2. DL's apology:- http://sport.stv.tv/football/clubs/st-mirren/265622-danny-lennon-issues-apology-to-derek-adams-after-touchline-row/
  4. When Newton played well in his original position, he had Concalves and Thommo in front of him, but when playing poorly he had Thommo and a load of similar midfielders, like Gowser, McLean and McGinn around him, so at least one of those was played out of position and the midfield didn't gel
  5. Newton's best position is an attacking central midfielder, and DL has played him in at least another 2 positions i.e. wide right mid, and now Right back. It's ludicrous to think that out manager doesn't know where to play him in his best position. On Saturday we should have brought in Naismith and put Newton into attacking mid alongside McLean, and dropped Wylde
  6. Wylde reminds me of Carey. Does a good thing and then over-hits from the wing. Yesterday was all wrong from the start with DL's team selection by trying to snuff out County's Kiss and Arquin and would've been better with Campbell with wayward knock downs from Magennis, homing in on goal.I don't know if anyone noticed (and I know some blame Djemba for the first goal) that it was a blatant foul on Djemba in which he lost the ball and cost us the goal
  7. Our problem is we didn't stretch their defence, or midfield, to do any damage. High balls to McGennis and Thommo were wasted.
  8. Great banter with the girls in the West stand also, they are at both windows.
  9. Dunky was the best Cuts man to have in your corner at boxing
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-26135627 RIP
  11. Lennon, since the cup final, has tinkered with the team so much that even the players don't know how they're to play. Sometimes it was necessary to change, but the performance levels on the pitch leaves a lot to be desired, some good performances and mostly bad. Good players being misused is one of his failings, and another is that he doesn't see where the problem is on the pitch till ten minutes to go. Sitting in the dugout for most of the game doesn't help his cause, but he probably thinks that TC looks after that side of things, but who's the boss?
  12. Newton, IMO, is played a right mid, when his best position is centre mid. When Teale came on, Newton moved to his correct position, started to play a lot better, then gets subbed. The manager has lost the plot
  13. Looks like he'll be in Goodwin's position for the Aberdeen clash, and Goodwin moved to CB in place of Cheesy, as Cheesy's red card appeal was rejected.
  14. Unfortunately, Wylde is cup-tied for Sunday, as is MCgennis
  15. Anybody got the score for tonight's game against the Blue vermin?
  16. Watching Fulham is a bit like watching St Mirren. Slow from the back and totally predictable. Come on the Blades!!
  17. IMO, Saints are appealing the red card 1.to have Cheesy available on Sunday and 2. Lunny will look at the whole game, rather than the incident, and will see the ref's incompetence.One thing regarding the card is that we had another player just off of Cheesy which would make it a yellow in the fact that Cheesy wasn't the last man., hopefully.
  18. St Mirren FC No more business on the transfer front is expected to be done today.
  19. I asked this on the coach home last night about why we don't look at the Junior leagues, as there are some good youngsters coming through
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