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  1. Bus for Livvi Sat 31st leaves at 1pm £7 some tickets left behind bar. We are going to fine, today was guid goal aside. Get yer happy pants on people [emoji16][emoji460][emoji3531]
  2. HAPPY NEW SEASON AND AW THAT SHITE Bus for Easter Road leaves the sneddon at 1pm. Tickets behind bar of Brewers Tap (langs) £7. Come on the Goody etc...
  3. Reminder for members the AGM is next Saturday in the pub 1pm [emoji482][emoji460]
  4. ONE! ONE! ffs one of the board should be down bloody helping, that's a disgrace!
  5. Bus for Tannadice 5pm. £8 leaving fae sneddon, tickets behind bar etc etc forget to check how many left. It's been a long day... I've almost lost ma voice... f**k the fakes. Mon the Mirren [emoji460][emoji813]️[emoji460]
  6. Over 1800 tickets sold and late night opening tonight bound to do some more. Magic saints fans [emoji106][emoji460][emoji813]️[emoji460]
  7. Just saw this. Only times in 30 odd yr I remember is the cup final 2005 whatever it was called then and everyone was late. And last year Tannadice midweek when we could have clinched it. And that's why we were at Perth an hour before KO a wee while ago!
  8. I sit directly in front of the camera gantry...I can honestly say I had no idea the fuss that had made until half time and don't remember any great sweary sweary more than usual? As has been said above Accies battering us and Collum being Collum...no wonder there was f**kin swearing! If a shout of 'just f**kin score son' was heard when Kyle got the ball at the end was heard - that was me and I am proud of it! The big furry mic hings were moved I think in the first season we were there, they were put up higher and slightly further along from ma pal Darn who has a very loud voice always haha. Bigoted bile no probs fuzz it out...saints fans - bad swearies. Gies peace.
  9. Bus for Dundee leaves the Sneddon at 10am. There is ONE ticket left behind bar £8. Andy McGarry if ye are reading this - ACCIES GAME IS A WEEK THE MORRA and DUNDEE IS AN EARLY KICK OFF Let's hope it's a special day. Mon eh Saints..OKBAWA etc...
  10. Bus for Motherwell Sat 4th May leaves the Sneddon at 1.30pm £6. The Great Escape 2 is well on track COYS
  11. Bus for Livvi sat 20th April 1pm £6. It ain't over yet... COYS
  12. Better late then never, forgot after the shambles of Perth. Bus Saturday 2pm, £5. The fight is on!
  13. Bus this Wednesday for Perth 5.15 and £6 as before I'd imagine. COYS
  14. Bus for Perth 12.45, £6. The Great Escape 2 is under way!
  15. Bus for Tynecastle leaves the Sneddon at 1pm. Tickets behind bar of The Brewer's Tap £7 Aberdeen was guid. Let's hope it continues OKBAWA!
  16. Better late than never... Bus for Aberdeen 9.30 tickets £12 behind bar as usual. Fair looking forward to the wee couple of hrs in Aberdeen BEFORE the fitba. Ach what else ye gonnae do on a Saturday, mon the murn!
  17. Bus for Ibrox leaves the sneddon 2pm tickets behind bar Brewers Tap £4.
  18. Bus for Killie this Sat leaves the Sneddon at 1pm. £6 for non-mems, tkts behind bar at Brewers Tap. Bus been and gone to Motherwell, aye really, Merry Christmas and all that malarky... COYS OKBAWA etc etc
  19. Bus for Livvi leaves at 1pm. £7 for non members or £5 if going the morra too. COYS
  20. Bus for Easter Road on Wed 5th Dec leaves the Sneddon at 5:45pm. Tickets for non-members £7, available from behind the bar at Brewer's Tap. Non members going to Hibs game will get a reduced price bus ticket for the Livingston game (£5). COYS
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